environment performance

the greening of communities

preservation campaign of soil ecosystem

At Samsung Electronics employees apply their environmental mindsets actively in practice by collaborating with the communities where the Company operates. Periodic environment monitoring, ecology-protection campaigns including the “one mountain, one river cleanup” are carried out by each unit as well as environmental education.

Samsung Electronics expands various and direct environmental preservation campaign not just confining to the production bases but covering the local society including neighboring area regarding as the community. These campaigns are not for just once event such as a day for World's water and a day for environment, but to manage events through volunteer by employees and also to upgrade effects by connecting to local citizens. Samsung Electronics promotes active campaigns to prevent environment pollution and preserve nature and also makes an effort to draw local citizens’ interest in environment.

monitoring environment changes

We regularly assess the water quality of the rain water course and the junction stream near plants in order to analyze how sewage and waste water treated water which is emitted from plants into water system nearby influent to the water quality of river and ecosystem.

cases of monitoring underground water quality

We regularly assess the water quality of the rain water course and the junction stream near plants in order to analyze how sewage and waste water treated water which is emitted from plants into water system nearby influent to the water quality of river and ecosystem.

  • The monitoring point: stream (Woncheon stream, Nongseo stream, Osan stream, the rain water system)
  • The monitoring item: stream (pH, COD, BOD, turbidity, T-N, T-P, fluorine and etc.)

measurement data of nearby streams (twice/month)

section unit Woncheon
Osan stream
pH - 7.9 8.2 7.8
COD mg/L 12.6 11.4 7
BOD mg/L 9.8 9.1 3.6
SS mg/L 21.1 14 20.6
T-N (Total nitrogen) mg/L 9.2 13.5 4.5
T-P (Total prosphrous) mg/L 0.4 1.7 0.2
Flourine mg/L 0.5 0.9 0.3

one company, one mountain, one river preservation campaign

Under the will of performing the principle of green management and accomplishing a corporate’s social obligation on the environment preservation, Samsung Electronics practice 'One company, one mountain, one river preservation campaign' by each plant throughout the country. This campaign aims to recover the contaminated nature environment and configure greening of local society by connecting with public community or local citizens. Major campaigns of nature environment and eco preservation by Samsung Electronics are preservation of one mountain and one river, composition of the eco pond, feeding the migratory birds in winter, operating environment sister school and environment preservation campaign with local citizens together with Samsung Electronics

composition of nature friendly eco pond

Eco pond in Giheung plant
[ Eco pond in Giheung plant ]

Giheung plant has formed the nature friendly eco pond at green center in order to secure basic materials for the future-oriented waste water treatment technology and monitor diversification of creature’s species according to treated water emission into a river.

The nature friendly eco pond is about treated water emitted from waste water treatment facility and retreatment by a plant’s purification capacity and is composed of water tank and plant purification tank system. The water tank provides the plant purification tank system with the treated water and the plant purification tank system. handles nitrogen, phosphorus and BOD by using purification plant which has excellent water purification capacity.

Also, organics connected by the food chain living in the eco pond keep balance in the eco system and function purification as symbiosis and synergy between plants and microorganism.
Currently in this place, six kinds of emerged plants and hygrophytes such as Typha angustata, Zizania latifolia and Eleocharis kuroguwai and also insects such as dragon flies, grasshoppers and beetles exist.

Samsung Electronics stresses the importance of nature by giving opportunities to nearby elementary school students and citizens to observe and experience the food chain and plant’s purification function of the eco system by operating the environment education program using another small nature, the eco pond.

establishment of environmental sistership

Samsung Electronics practices the environment friendliness campaign through various sisterhood projects. Samsung Electronics induces local citizens to participate in campaigns by operating various programs and joining the sister school with nearby schools by each plant. Especially we inspire them environment preservation and saving mind through the events such as writings about environment preservation, public announcement of posters, public announcement of environment and safety slogans, recycling exhibition and presentation of scholarship. Also Samsung Electronics joined the sisterhood with companies under environment friendliness campaign and educated and instructed them with Samsung Electronics' high end technology, we take a role in leading the greening of local society. Moreover, Samsung Electronics keeps the cooperative relationship with fire stations by joining sisterhood and expands the environment friendliness campaign of more advanced companies through information exchanges.

the first step of loving nature, experiences of wild animals protection campaign

Gumi plant takes an active role in the preservation campaign of wild animals. The plant expands the campaign of feeding wild animals which has participants of total 100 people including employees, environment related agency and the children of sister school. Also the plant has distributed foods for wild animals such as Korean squirrel and chipmunks who need protection under the fear of destruction of the eco system due to food shortage during the winter season so they can survive in the winter. In addition, the plant has expanded the campaign of cleaning nearby environment for the wild animals so they can live in the safe environment.

These volunteer environment protection campaigns highly contributed to raise concerns on the environment preservation in the local society with companies and local communities. These also have been a good opportunity for growing children to understand the importance of environment the eco system by managing with the local schools and we provided books on environment for children in order to them understand the nature eco system easily.

We plan to stabilize the campaign to give a love to the local community and be approved by them through the sustainable nature protection campaign.

the eco recovery campaign of the Garak rock reservoir

The Garak rock reservoir (total area, appr.37,228m2) which located in Myungam-ri, Tangjeong-myun, Asan-si, Chungchung province of south near Tangjeong industrial plant has been deteriorating due to an inflow of pollutants from nearby private houses'non-point source pollution. Therefore, Tangjeong plant improved the water quality of the reservoir by applying the water quality purification engineering of spot flotation separation as the environment engineering 2 times in 2005 and operated environment purification activities and seminars with participation of public agency, environment community and related companies and operated the eco recovery campaign of the Garak rock reservoir. Thanks to the water quality improvement work, the water quality has been upgrade to over the 3rd grade from less than 5th grade based on the standard water quality in a river.

sponsorship of construction of Gwangdeok mountain eco education hall

The planned construction of Gwangdeok mountain eco education hall under Cheonan·Asan environment campaign association in 2006 is environment friendly education institute that utilizes good eco resource and clean zone of Cheonan·Asan, Gwangdeok mountain. As the site area of 481 pyong and the gross floor area of 93 pyong, the eco education hall establishes the aim to suggest the 21C environment education as the cradle of the systematic environment education such as research on environment preservation, training of environment guide and development of programs for school environment education. With agreement of aim of education hall construction for environment preservation, the total 300 of professors from Daejeon and Chungcheong province of south as well as Cheonan·Asan and environment activists, politicians and officials based on the environment campaign association take part in the campaign. Both south Chungcheong province and Cheonan city has established the plan to support 600 million won for 2 years. Therefore Samsung Electronics joined the board of construction promotion in order to participate in the project that lead a vision for environment education of local community, schools and citizen community and also provides sponsorship for the construction of Gwangdeok mountain eco education hall. Also Samsung Electronics plans to take an active role in participation of environment friendliness campaign by both citizen community and the government to hand down the heritage of green nature to the next generation.

the supporting activities by cooperating companies.

As a part of performing environment sharing management, Cheonan plant supported Clean World Co.,Ltd which runs the 3rd industrial complex waste water treatment area with certification acquisition of environment management system and finally the company acquired the final certification in May 205. The plant will provide sustainable sponsorship for cooperation companies to acquire ISO 14001 certification in the future.

ISO 14001 certificate
[ ISO 14001 certificate ]
posting on the local newspaper
[ posting on the local newspaper ]