product environment performance

global recycling

Samsung Electronics makes an effort to develop environment-friendly product that minimizing an impact to environment through whole process from getting raw materials, production, transportation, usage and end-of-life disposal by adding 'environment' on function, price, quality, design that were the essence for product development.

For this process, we takes a responsibility for whole process through LCA and recycle evaluation and by operating recycling center for dealing with an efficient treatment of the waste product.

recycling in Korea

recycling activity

Samsung Electronics has moved forward to promote environment preservation and resource recycle through collect·recycling activities as of all products we sold since 1992 as part of an effort to halt a pollution caused by obsolete electronic product that users throw away and to build resource circulating-oriented society.

obsolete electronic product (packaging material) recycling system

Samsung Electronics runs collecting system in 1,560 sales agencies and 24 distribution centers nationwide to collect obsoleted product and packaging materials (Styrofoam) that users throw away.
the collected products shall be delivered through self delivery system to Asan recycling center and seven specialized recycling center where are financed by the company. They are processed environmentally friendly into scrap iron, aluminum, copper and etc. Plus, twelve nationwide specialized recycling companies process thrown packaging materials into lightweight materials for construction and picture frame.

nationwide recycling system
[nationwide recycling system]
waste Electronic Products Collection And treatment/ recycling flow
[waste Electronic Products Collection And treatment/ recycling flow]

recycling duty items of ’extended producer

Responsibility’ has taken effect since 2003. Its 7 items are refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioner, TV, PC, monitor and packing material, and 2 more items, mobile phone and audio equipment in 2005, and now it is expanded to printer, copier and fax machine. Thereby we built recycling system for each product’s character and successfully takes recycling responsibility through operating integrate recycling center.

Especially, in 2005, we improved 133%, 33,751tons of waste electronics product and 105%, 2,830ton of packing materials compared to the 2003.

Most of them are used to recycle valuable resources such as scrapped steel, aluminum, copper, and plastic. We put our effort to make resource recycling-oriented society through diverse activities such as environmental-friendly material use from the production development level and developing a recycling considered production.

Recycling trend of obsolete electronic product/package material

recycling status of obsolete electronic product of in 2005
[ recycling status of obsolete electronic
product of in 2005]
recycling the obsolete electronic product’(2005)
[recycling the obsolete electronic

EPR information system operation

Samsung Electronics operates EPR information system that enables to manage recycling status of obsolete electronic product and packaging material in real time for the first time in Korea. Recycling agency in distribution center on EPR system basis, collects obsolete electronic product’s packaging materials. It enhances material adjustment and operation efficiency referring to recycling information that registered in Samsung Electronics.

EPR information system
[ EPR information system ]

Samsung Electronics performs joint recycling project with assistance center for self-support

Samsung Electronics promotes joint recycling project as of small-sized obsolete home appliance and PC in corporation with ‘Assistance Center for Self-support’ that supports low-income group. We donate the PC and small-sized obsolete home appliance collected by distribution center to Assistance Center for Self-support and put an effort to deal with them environment-friendly and help to create jobs. This is a case that we made a movement of environment preservation and social contribution by seeking mutual profit through environmental-friendly cooperation between electronic industry and non-profit group.

Samsung Electronics performs joint recycling project with Assistance Center for Self-support

expanding a process line of large-sized refrigerator in Asan recycling center

In tends to increase that process of obsolete refrigerator and large-sized refrigerator in recycling center. Previous refrigerator process facility only had Freon gas management, and it did not have prevention function of Cyclopentane explosion so it had low operation effectiveness and high risk of accident. Samsung Electronics now well prepares for the market change, firstly introduced in the nation a process line of only large-sized refrigerator and prevention function of Cyclopentane explosion, and they makes sure the saving a processing time and safety.

operation ceremony of recycling facility
[ operation ceremony of recycling facility ]