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reeducation and job training

Samsung Electronics runs R&D center and systematic education in order to develop future oriented human resource in overall R&D, Marketing and management sectors. Also we develop global professional human resource through not only in company education programs and but industry work with overseas prominent universities and foreign regional specialist program, etc.

the education system

The education system

Samsung Electronics focuses on sharpening the expertise of future-oriented employees in the areas of R&D, marketing, management, and etc.

Samsung Electronics' core empowerment is accomplished by major functional training and the site-coherence education for each business sector. For three major functional training centers, there are leadership development center that leads and spreads change, Samsung Institute of Global Marketing that nourishes professional marketing human power and Samsung Advanced Technology Training Institute that nourishes professional engineering human power.

Leadership development center carries out a level leadership training course from manager to executive in order to settle down world-class corporate culture throughout the company. Samsung Institute of Global Marketing carries out marketing education course by capacity in order to accomplish MDC while Samsung Advanced Technology Training Institute carries out the education with specialization such as high end technology, core technology, basic (foundation) technology and R&D technology education.

In addition, Professional specialist course such as HR, planning, finance, procurement, marketing, quality, design, patent and technology for 1 month ~ 1 year operates in order to train best specialists by job type. The Business unit education is composed of diverse education programs for self development such as functional education, foreign language and information that are suitable for character by business. We develop and operate the site oriented specialized education program at plants such as digital media, Digital appliances, Telecommunication, semiconductor, LCD and domestic sales business department.

Also we have diverse academic training, joint development and industry-university course operated with national and overseas universities and research institute. And there are dispatch·training course of national human resources into overseas for the global empowerment and advance education course for expected human resource for overseas dispatch for smooth working operation. Especially, we make our effort to empower the overseas human resources by executing various education program for employees of overseas cooperations lately. Ultimately, Samsung Electronics makes continuous effort in order to train human resources with creativity, progressiveness and basic talents so they can understand and lead new paradigm and will not spare efforts to invest on human resources as the prior strategy under the management ideology that we contribute to human society by creating best products and services based on human resources and technologies.

The education system

personnel evaluation system

The personnel evaluation system is designed to grasp employee performance results, potential capability, and growth possibility. The evaluation provides important data that allows efficient and appropriate utilization of employee capabilities. Ultimately, the fair performance based evaluation is intended to spark employee motivation in career development and achieve a win-win situation for both employees and the Company. The personnel evaluation takes place once a year. The annual performance and comprehensive capacity of each employee is analyzed with an objective yardstick and fair observation by superiors in charge.

For transparent and fair personal management, each employee receives the evaluation results through his or her superior and via the employee HR Portal. At the same time, as a flawed evaluation can seriously impede the progress of both employees and the Company, personnel online education programs centered on evaluation standards are provided for the people in charge of personnel evaluation.