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safety, product & service

At Samsung Electronics, the Company’s management information is open and available to customers, and consumer privacy has airtight protection. Customer opinion is valued by management and complaints are resolved promptly based on customer first management. All employees accept responsibility for the safety of customers.

customer safety

With customers being a high priority, Samsung Electronics strives to protect customers’ safety and their assets. To ensure safety from accidents during the use of electrical and electronic products, the Company’s products meet international technology and safety standards.

risk preventions

1. electric Shock

The electrical contact part in products is sealed to prevent users from direct contact and possible electric shock. To prevent dielectric breakdown when in use, products contain double insulation and protected ground circuits. Exterior materials used for products meet qualifications for the material strength test and restrict leakage current to a safe level.

test products
Leakage current test Audio, video player, ITE, home appliance
Voltage durability test Audio, video player, ITE, home appliance
Insulation resistance test Audio, video player, ITE, home appliance
Grounding sustainability test Audio, video player, ITE, home appliance

2. fire

All products are designed to prevent current overload, overheating, and are constructed with high-heat cutoff to prevent fire.
Flammable and inflammable parts are separated, and the use of flammable material is kept to a minimum. Product exteriors are designed to function as a fire-proof wall.

test products
rising test
Audio, video player, ITE, home appliance
malfunction test
Combustion test
Motor speed test

3. radiation

Emission of radiation in Samsung Electronics products is controlled to a proper level. Electromagnetic wave filters, antiparticle treatments, and other safety devices or measures are applied in products. A warning sign or notice is written on the products.

test products
EMC Whole products
SAR Wireless telecommunication gadget
X-ray measurement test CTV, monitor
Laser measurement test Audios, ROMs, printer, DVD player
Microwave measurement test Microwave oven
Ultraviolet radiation test LCD and projection TVs

4. injury

To safeguard people and equipment, a guard panel is installed if necessary. Warning signs, protective devices, and curved edges help to protect its users from injuries.

test products
Sharp edge test Audio, video player, ITE, home appliance
Force Stability test
Impact test
Falling test
Inclination test

customer satisfaction surveys

Samsung Electronics regularly conducts the survey on the customers’ satisfaction about the entire life cycle of products and services (sales, installation, A/S) thereby understands the CS level and customers’ needs by each section and reflects on the management strategy for the customer satisfaction since 1992. Customer satisfaction surveys is conducted by people of 40,000 who purchase products and get services of Samsung Electronics and the competitor through the separate interview or the phone interview biannually for domestic, annually for overseas. Also the company continues to advance the customer’s satisfaction level by sharing the survey results and conducting the improvement activity.
Through these activities, Samsung Electronics achieved the 1st position in NCSI under the supervision of Korea Productivity Center for 8 years in a row, the 1st position in KCSI by KMAC for 8 years in a row and the 1st position in KS-SQI of Korean Standard Association for 4 years consecutively in 2005.