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"For the Betterment of All" is the founding ideal at Samsung Electronics. To realize it in the community, in-house community service teams carry out professional community share-care programs, while employees volunteer at various social services and activities.

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Based on a commitment to the community and an ethical mindset, Samsung Electronics contributes to the well being of society by helping to improve the quality of people’s lives and serving cross border community services worldwide.

All employees, who have the “Betterment for All” firmly imprinted in their minds, demonstrate what a people-oriented company can do for the society. Therefore, all dedicated employees of the Company seek co-prosperity abided by self-discipline and ethical performance along with the Company’s managerial ideal.

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Samsung Welfare Foundation takes part in contributing to society as a way to return corporate benefits to society. Since 1993, when “returning corporate benefits to society” was set as one of the key managerial policies, Delegate social contribution Activities have been intensified. The social activities, which had been centered on the Samsung Welfare Foundation in general, were spread across the company and all employees are now encouraged to participate in various social activities home and abroad. Since 1995, when Samsung Electronics announced the new focus on social activities in three areas: the disabled, environment preservation, and informatization for society, the activities have continued to grow.

Also the Company has poured energy into supporting youth, culture and arts activities, academic exchanges, and scholarships. In 1995, Samsung Electronics revamped the community service teams to create a Community Service Volunteer Team. This reorganization was designed to help employees participate in the volunteer services that best suit their interests. In 2006 we established the volunteer council and expanded the corresponding organization as a part of sharing management expansion and operates by arranging organizations by establishing eight volunteer service centers at the each plant.

Since 1998, the Company has run computer classes for the blind, provided a scholarship for the children of disabled households, and volunteered good-will services for the needy. Each unit provides meals to undernourished children in the community where they work, which has resulted in closer bonds with people in the community. Recently, the Company has held “Student Science Knowledge Olympics” jointly with science institutes to broaden students’ scientific knowledge.

To help increase students’ creative thinking faculties, “Creativity Olympiad” has been held jointly with the Patent Office of Korea. The Company has developed a new-concept “Customer Volunteering Social Program” that is carried out by employees and customers together.

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