environment performance

the greening of workplaces

Samsung Electronics applies environment management program and in order to minimize contaminant discharge through strict management and process improvement of place of origin in order to minimize environment contamination material generated during manufacturing process. Under a principle of self management of waste materials by oneself, we operate the aggressive activity to preserve resources and nature by expanding process facility and recycling facility.


status of distribution system build-up

Samsung Electronics has reduced the air pollutant emission by decreasing transportation distance at the greatest due to improvement of distribution system. We observe the real time delivery promise considering distribution capacity by introducing the digital map and the transportation route optimization software due to DTPS (:Delivery Time Promise System) connected to retail distribution location measurement system. Also we observed the delivery date and reduced the paper waste by introducing PDA, the electronic certificate acquisition.

Samsung Electronics optimized the transportation plan by introducing the key distribution TMS (Transportation Management System) and set the optimized transportation route for shipping period by introducing professional TMS package. Also it changed fixed transportation route as flexible method and it expanded and applied WMS (Warehouse Management System) into the all distribution center step by step.

distribution system

distribution system