social performance


At Samsung Electronics, with our employee-first approach to personnel management, we continue to improve performance based incentives and welfare programs in order to motivate our employees to perform to their utmost in a pleasant, healthy, and safe working environment.

surpassing legislated standards

At Samsung Electronics, in addition to the four social security insurances stipulated by law (National Pension, National Health Insurance, Industrial Accident Insurance, and Unemployment Insurance), we provide diversified employee welfare benefits and allowances concerning health, education, housing, and retirement, not only for employees but also for their families. We support a regular employee pension plan until retirement, equivalent to 3% of the employee's monthly wages.
The funds are also available in the event of unforeseen accidents or unfavorable circumstances. To support the good health of employees and their families, a comprehensive health checkup is provided annually to employees aged 40 or over and biannually to those aged 30 to 39 with all expenses paid by the company.
We fully reimburse employee expenses for medical examinations and treatment for employees. As of a spouse’s medical care, we also support the exceeding amount so they can manage the healthy life without economic burden. For the education of the children of employees, we support tuition from kindergarten to college. Employees refresh their bodies and minds at corporate resort facilities in beautiful natural settings, fitness and sports centers, and Wellness Clinics. We also support employee expenses for circumstances of congratulations and condolences. All of these and many other welfare programs are provided to our employees so they can live and work in a secure and supportive environment.


Employee incentives are provided on the basis of individual and group performances. On the individual level, those who make a great contribution to society or show superior performance will receive additional incentives besides the contracted annual salary.
Additional group incentives are provided to a group that demonstrates excellent productivity, teamwork, and contribution to the Company. To fund these rewards, each unit of Samsung Electronics allocates budget for group incentives.
Employees who carry out a significant project receive additional incentives, according to the results.