product environment performance

supplier management

Samsung Electronics makes an effort to develop environment-friendly product that minimizing an impact to environment through whole process from getting raw materials, production, transportation, usage and end-of-life disposal by adding 'environment' on function, price, quality, design that were the essence for product development.

For this process, we takes a responsibility for whole process through LCA and recycle evaluation and by operating recycling center for dealing with an efficient treatment of the waste product.

e-HMS system

It is an internal material information system to promptly and systematically manage hazardous substances in whole parts of the product that comes from whole cooperating companies. By using this system, the cooperating companies should register test reports of whole raw materials that supplier use, and from that information, relevant department of Samsung Electronics approve the registered parts and purchase them.

We integrated the e-HMS with product design system and purchasing system, and do not allow to use the parts that is not approved in development and purchasing level.

In the level of development, we check whether it complies with the operation rule of environment management materials in product or not through the information of hazardous substances management system in the approval process of the parts use. If failed, we manage it from the development stage not to approve the parts.

In addition, we automatically restrict the ordering as of the product that does not meet the approval demand by reviewing hazardousness in the level of purchasing. We built hazardousness management system in the process of development, purchase, quality management throughly, and every product unit, and made an environment-friendly product system.

flow chart between e-HMS, development system and purchasing system

development system and purchasing system