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Global Procurement

Looking for Potential Suppliers to lead the Future with Samsung Electronics

As a world leader in digital technology Samsung Electronics is progressing into a new era in product development,
corporate culture and contributions to the global society.
In order for us to achieve our goals, we understand how important it is to build relationships and have full support from first class suppliers.

Samsung Electronics is looking for potential world-class partners with innovative and distinctive technologies
for collaboration & creating new business opportunities.
Together with suppliers, we will work together towards a common goal: To be the World's Best.

Please click HERE if you would like to be a partner with Samsung Electronics.
Together we will create the future of digital experiences.

Purchasing Ethics Charter

Purchasing Ethics Charter

We, the purchasers of the Samsung Electronics, realize and accept our critical role in enhancing values for our customers.

In this important endeavor, we will conduct all dealings with our suppliers with honesty and integrity for mutual growth and prosperity. We will also understand and comply with law, regulation, and codes governing the conduct of our business.

Purchasing Emblem

Purchasing Emblem

Samsung Electronics and Suppliers will cooperate to make the best performance
toward the Global Top Tier on the basis of "Win-Win" ideology of co-existense and
co-prosperity between Samsung Electronics and our valued Suppliers.