Corporate Governance

Ownership Structure

Download the .pdfs below to learn more about our ownership structure and major shareholders.

Articles of Incorporation

The Company included all of its basic operating principles in its Articles of Incorporation. In accordance with the Articles of Incorporation, the Company upholds shareholders' rights, hosts general meetings of shareholders and operates Board committees. Download the .pdf below to view our Articles of Incorporation.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Compiled with the G3 Guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and AA1000APS, the 2011 Samsung Electronics Sustainability Report includes the company's profiles as well as its economic, environmental, and social performance indicators to ensure the full sharing of information across all sectors. Download the .pdfs below to review our Sustainability Reports from the last 6 years.

Board of Directors

Our Company's decision-making and supervisory process enhances corporate transparency and accountable management, and constitutes an environment where corporate value can be maximized. Download the .pdfs below to learn more about our Board of Directors.

Board Committees

A sharp increase in the number of Independent Directors made it difficult for the Company to convene Board meetings as often as is needed. Therefore, the Company set up committees under the Board in accordance with relevant laws and delegated some of the Board authority to the committees--each of which is filled with Directors who can bring their expertise and experience to the assigned committee. Download the .pdfs below to learn more about each committee.

Policy on Related Party Transactions

Concerning transactions with specially-related parties such as affiliates, the Company shall seek approval from the Board of Directors and disclose the foregoing, in accordance with the Securities Exchange Act and the Articles of Incorporation, in an effort to enhance its corporate transparency. Download the pdfs below to learn more about our company’s Relevant Regulations, and recent Public Disclosures.

CG & IR Awards

Download the pdf below to learn more about our awards for excellence in the financial industry.

Audit Fees

Download the pdf below to learn more about our audit fees.