BOD Activities & Evaluation

Our company's decision-making and supervisory process enhances corporate transparency and accountable management and thus, constitutes an environment where corporate value can be maximized.

(1) BOD Activities
18 February, 2014
Agenda Results Attendance
Decision to convene the 45th AGM Approved 3/5 present
Decision of the 45th AGM agenda items
* Reported items : 1. Audit Report 2. business report
  • • Item 1 : Approval of the 45th financial statements (including balance sheet, income statement, statement of appropriation of retained earnings, and etc.)
  • • Item 2 : Approval of remuneration ceiling for Directors
Donation to Chung-nam Samsung Institute
* Reported item
  • • Report on compliance review results
24 January, 2014
Agenda Results Attendance
Approval of the 45th financial statements and business report Approved 5/5 present
Approval of 2014 business plan Approved
Revision to management committee regulations Approved
Participation in Samsung BioLogics rights offerings Approved
Appointment of compliance officer Approved
* Reported Items
  • • Report on internal accounting management system
  • • Assessment of internal accounting management system
  • • Report on results of establishment of research committee for environmental safety
(2) Directors' Attendance at Board Meetings

Attendance at Board meetings for the past three years (between 2010 and 2012) is 95% on average.

  2010 2011 2012
Attendance 95% 96% 93%

* Directors are required to notify the Company of a valid reason in advance if they cannot attend Board meetings.

(3) Evaluation Method of the Board of Directors

From November (the end of the fiscal year) to December, human resources will evaluate the Board of Directors and each of the board committees in varies activities, such as Directors attendance at meetings.
* Important evaluation criteria: Determined by how the Board of Directors and each of the board committees abide by the regulations and relevant laws, as well as Directors attendance at meetings compliance with directors' duties and attendance at meetings

Directors' attendance data shall be shared within the board and other evaluation results shall be used as a reference for board activities for the following year.