Our Corporate Governance work to enhance our company's decision-making and supervisory process based on the highest standards of governance, transparency, and accountability. Under such policy, the Board of Directors (BOD) administers the performance of management, sets corporate management policies, and makes strategic decisions on business execution. These activities are performed in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, the Article of Incorporation, and the resolutions made at the annual general shareholders meeting (AGM).

Board Composition

The BOD is composed of four executive directors and five independent directors. The BOD consists of an independent director majority to guarantee both the board's independence and transparency. In addition, the Board has established a transparent decision-making process with inputs from a broad spectrum of outside experts.

Pursuant to the Article of Incorporation, the Independent Directors Recommendation Committee initially selects candidates from among a pool of professional experts with in-depth knowledge and experience in a variety of areas including business management, economy, accounting, law, technology, CSR, etc.

The independent directors meet separately from the BOD's executive directors in order to promote a free exchange of ideas on all aspects of the company's management. All directors are prohibited from engaging in business activities within the same industry without the approval of the BOD. This arrangement is to prevent conflicts of interest as specified in the Korean Commerce Act and the Company's Articles of Incorporation.

Chairman of the Board

In conformance with Article 29 (Chairman of the Board Directors) of Articles of Incorporation, the chairman of the Board of Directors shall be appointed from among the directors by a resolution.

Election of Directors
  1. Regulations regarding the election, terms of office, and election of Directors in case of vacancy are included in the Article 24 of our Article of Incorporation.
  2. It states that the Company shall have at least three, but not more than fourteen, directors and such directors shall be appointed at a general meeting of shareholders; provided, however, that independent directors shall be elected from candidates recommended by the Independent Director Recommendation Committee.
  3. Pursuant to the Article 25 of our Articles of Incorporation, all of our Board members', appointed by resolution at the AGM, term of office is 3(three) years. At the time of expiration, they are eligible for re-election at the AGM.
  4. In the case that of two or more directors are nominated, the cumulative voting system according to the Korean Commercial Code shall not be applicable.
    * At the 30th AGM in 1999, shareholders proposed to revise the Articles of Incorporation to adopt a cumulative voting method. However, it was voted down by shareholders at the AGM.
  5. The BOD shall screen the qualifications of Executive Directors for the positions of Representative Director or Co-Representative Director.
  6. The Representative Director shall be elected by the Board of Directors. The Representative Director shall represent the Company and in the case that there are several representative directors, each shall represent the Company respectively.
Director Independence

Director independence shall be determined by the independence requirements set forth by the Korean Stock Exchange listing standards, the Commercial Code and other related regulations. If a Director meets at least one of the criteria under applicable standards, he or she may not be deemed "independent."

Election of Directors in Case of Vacancy (Article 26)

Pursuant to Article 26 of our Article of Incorporations, any vacancy in the office of the director shall be filled by a resolution of a general meeting of shareholders. However, if the number of directors does not fall below the number prescribed by the Article 24 and there is no difficulty in the administration of business, the foregoing shall not be applicable.

  • Our Company's Board of Directors
  • *The terms of office of our BOD members is three years.
Title Name Responsibility
Vice Chairman & CEO Oh-Hyun Kwon Chairman of BOD / Head of Device Solutions Business
President Jong-Kyun Shin Head of IT & Mobile Communications Business
President Boo-Keun Yoon Head of Consumer Electronics Business
Vice Chairman Jae-Yong Lee General business administration
Independent Director Jae-Wan Bahk Independent director recommendation committee, CSR committee
Independent Director Han-Joong Kim Audit committee, Related party transactions committee, Independent director recommendation committee, CSR committee
Independent Director Kwang-Soo Song Audit committee, Related party transactions committee, Compensation committee, CSR committee
Independent Director Byeong-Gi Lee Independent director recommendation committee, Compensation committee, CSR committee
Independent Director In-Ho Lee Audit committee, Related party transactions committee, Compensation committee, CSR committee