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Supply chain management

Eco-Partner Certification Program

Samsung Electronics Eco-Partner Certification Program is a comprehensive environmental initiative to support our suppliers to reduce the environmental impact of both the materials they supply and their own manufacturing operations. This program applies to all suppliers of core products, parts, components and raw materials (including packaging materials).

To become an Eco-Partner certified company, suppliers must fulfill two main criteria:
  • (i) compliance with the Samsung Electronics Standards for Control of Substances concerning Product Environment
  • (ii) demonstration of an adequate environmental management system.
Both elements are monitored via a rigorous certification process involving supplier documentation, audits and in-house testing (verification).

Environment Chemicals Integrated Management System ( e-CIMS )

e-CIMS manages the Eco-Partner program and chemicals in products. Suppliers can declare the environmental safety of their products. To enter into business with Samsung Electronics, suppliers must submit the chemical information in products via e-CIMS.

Chemical Management Process via e-CIMS

Launching eco – friendly product focused on customer, Compliant with global environmental regulations (REACH, RoHS), Supply chemical specification to Stakeholders