Awards and Recognition

Samsung Electronics has received numerous awards for its environmental practices and eco-friendly products. Some of these recent awards are listed below:

Awards and recognition

  • 2014
  • 2013
  • 2012
  • 2011
  • 2010
  • 2009
Category History Country Organization
Climate Change & Energy Carbon Disclosure Project (Sep. 2010)
- Included in the Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index for two years in a row
- Ranked 1st in IT sector
- Ranked 4th among Global Top 500 companies
Global CDP Committee
Coporate Green Management Green Ranking (Oct. 2010)
- Ranked 54th among Global Top 100 companies
- Ranked 13th in Tech sector
USA Newsweek
Guide to Greener Electronics (Oct. 2010)
- Ranked 5th among global 18 IT companies
Global Greenpeace
Dow Jones Sustainability Index (Sep. 2010)
- Included in Dow Jones Sustainability World Index
Global SAM
President Award in commemoration of World Environment Day (Jun. 2010)
- Green management of Gumi Plant
Korea Ministry of Environment
Energy Saving Contribution Award (May. 2010)
- Green management of Samsung China
China China Energy Saving Association
Contribution to the Indoor Environment Industry Development (Apr. 2010)
- R&D on eco-friendly air-conditioner
Korea Ministry of Environment
Energy Star Award (Mar. 2010)
- Excellence in ENERGY STAR Promotion Award
USA Environmental Protection Agency
Green Comm Award (Feb. 2010)
- Award for eco-friendly product development
Mexico Expo Comm Mexico
Dallas Recycling Award (Feb. 2010)
- Recognition for voluntary recycling activities
USA Dallas state
Eco-Product &Technology National Green Tech Award (Dec. 2010)
- Prime Minister Award (3D LED TV)
Korea Ministry of Knowledge Economy / Ministry of Environment
Green Ranking (Oct. 2010)
- Ranked 3rd among 23 companies
- Ranked 1st in TV sector
USA Electronics TakeBack Coalition ( ETBC )
Global Green Management Award (Oct. 2010)
- Washing machine, Refrigerator, Kimchi refrigerator
Korea Korea Management Association
Green Product of the Year (Oct. 2010)
- Solar-powered mobile phone, Netbook
Korea Green Purchasing Network
Green Energy Award (Oct. 2010)
- High-efficiency heat pump technology
Korea Ministry of Knowledge Economy
2010 Asia Star Award (Oct. 2010)
- Shrink packaging for washing machine
Japan International Asia Packaging Association
Energy Winner Award (Jul. 2010)
- Grand prize (LED TV) and Energy Winner (7 products)
Korea Consumers Korea
Korea Green Management Award (Jun. 2010)
- Prime Minister Award (Netbook)
Korea Ministry of Knowledge Economy / Ministry of Environment
Korea Multimedia Technology Award-Grand Prize (May. 2010)
- Awarded in Green IT category (Smart phone-Galaxy S)
Korea Korea Communications Commission
Golden Peacock Award (May. 2010)
- Awarded in Eco Innovation category (LED TV), First electronics company
Inida Institute of Directors
iF Material Award (Apr. 2010)
- Exterior design of external HDD
Germany International Forum Design Hannover
TreeHugger's Best of Green Awards (Apr. 2010)
- Reclaim (SPH-560) mobile phone
USA TreeHugger
Green Apple Awards (Feb. 2010)
- Awarded in environmental improvement category (LED TV)
UK The Green Organization
CES Eco-Design Award (Jan. 2010)
- Mobile phone, Electric oven, Photo frame
USA Consumer Electronics Association