Awards and Recognition

Samsung Electronics has received numerous awards for its environmental practices and eco-friendly products. Some of these recent awards are listed below:

Awards and recognition

  • 2014
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  • 2011
  • 2010
  • 2009
Category History Country Organization
Climate Change & Energy 2011 CDP Korea 200 Report Launch & Award (Oct. 2011)
- Included in the Carbon Management Industry Leader
Global CDP Committee
Carbon Disclosure Project (Sep. 2011)
- Included in the Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index for three years in a row
Global CDP Committee
Coporate Green Management Korea Green Ranking (Dec. 2011)
- Ranked 2nd among top 100 companies
- Ranked top in IT sector
Korea Joongang Daily
Guide to Greener Electronics (Nov. 2010)
- Ranked 7th among global 15 IT companies
Global Greenpeace
Green Ranking (Oct. 2011)
- Ranked 22nd among Global Top 500 companies
- Ranked 4th in Tech. Equipment sector
USA Newsweek Magazine
State Electronics Challenge (SEC) Award for Sustainabilityr (Oct. 2011)
- Recognition for support made in Recycling Association activities
USA Northeast Recycling Council
Boys and Girls Club of Partnership Award (Sep. 2011)
- Recognition for donation of high energy efficiency products
USA Boys & Girls Clubs of America
Dow Jones Sustainability Index (Sep. 2011)
- Named as the most sustainable technology company in the 2011 Dow Jones Sustainability Index
- Named as top environmental performer in the semiconductor sector
Global SAM
Environmental, Social, Governance Assessment (Aug. 2011)
- Received A+ grade in environmental management among 800 listed companies
Korea Korea Corporate Governance Service
Best Global Green Brands Ranking (Jul. 2011)
- Ranked 25th in the Global 50 Green Brands rankings
USA Interbrand
Energy Saving Contribution Award (May. 2011)
- Samsung China received awards for two consecutive years
China China Energy Saving Association
Sustainability Leadership Award (May. 2011)
- Leadership in Recycling Program
USA International Electronics Recycling Conference & Expo
Green company assessment (Apr. 2011)
- Selected as the greenest company among the top 100 foreign companies in China
China China Europe International Business School (CEBIS)
Energy Star Award (Apr. 2011)
- Selected as Partner of the Year
USA Environmental Protection Agency
Eco-Product &Technology National Green Technology Award (Nov. 2011)
- Low-power mobile semiconductor technology
Korea Ministry of Knowledge Economy
Green Apple Award (Nov. 2011)
- Eco-friendly product award for Eco Bubble Washing Machine
UK Green Organization
International Green Award (Nov. 2011)
- Eco-friendly innovative product award for Eco Bubble Washing Machine
UK Green Business Enterprises
Green Product of the Year (Oct. 2011)
- Recognition for contribution made in reducing mercury in LED display
Korea Green Purchasing Network
Mercury Reduction Award (Oct. 2011)
- Washing machine, refrigerator, Kimchi refrigerator and air conditioner.
USA Environmental Protection Agency
Which? Energy Saver Award (Sep. 2011)
- Energy Efficient LED TV (55D8000)
UK Which? magazine
Korea Consumer Well-being Index certification award (Aug. 2011)
- Samsung Anycall brand ranked 1st in mobile phones
Korea Korea Standard Association
Outstanding Achievement Award (Aug. 2011)
- Eco-Product award for printers with eco-driver technology
USA Buyers Laboratory Inst
Energy Winner Award (Jul. 2011)
- Grand Prize(Smart air-conditioner) and Energy Winner(9 Products)
Korea Consumers Korea
Golden Peacock Award (Jun. 2011)
- Eco Innovation award for eco-friendly note PC 900X3A
India Institute of Directors
Green Star Certification Award (Jun. 2011)
- Washing machine, refrigerator, Kimchi refrigerator and air conditioner.
Korea Korea Management Association
Green Millennium Awards (Jun. 2011)
- Replenish (SPH-M580) mobile phone
USA Global Green USA's initiatives
TreeHugger's Best of Green Awards (Apr. 2011)
- Restore (SPH-M570) mobile phone
USA TreeHugger
iF Material Award (Mar. 2011)
- Eco-friendly materials used in note PC (NT-NC10)
Germany International Forum Design Hannover
CES Eco-Design Award (Jan. 2011)
- Washing machine, electric oven, monitor, memory chip, LCD panel, HDD
USA Consumer Electronics Association