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Social Contribution Activity

Employees at all production sites of Samsung Electronics are engaged in local environment protection activities, teaming up with NGOs and communities as part of the company’s commitment to social contribution.

US March to a Million Campaigns

Samsung Mobile (U.S.) kicked off an in-school education and recycling program reaching an estimated seven million middle and high school students in approximately 9,500 schools across the U.S. The eco-focused program educates teens about the importance and ease of mobile phone recycling.

Water for Life Campaigns (World Water Day)

Every year, Samsung Electronics Korea and Tianjin carry out stream clean-up activities in recognition of World Water Day. In 2010, we conducted the “Water for Life” campaign and company employees and local residents took part in the clean-up. We donated equipment to clean up and protect the ecosystem of a nearby stream, while each subsidiary set up bird nests in designated areas.

Eco Classes for Children at Vancouver Winter Olympics

At the Vancouver Olympics Samsung Electronics held environmental classes for children to instill in them the importance of the environment. Photographer James Balog was invited to lead discussions with students from primary schools in Vancouver on ways to protect our planet. There was also a tree-planting event.

Biodiversity Programs with Local Communities

Our greening programs are designed to preserve biodiversity and boost environmental awareness in local communities. A representative endeavor is the “one mountain, one stream campaign” under which we carry out clean-up activities under sisterhood ties with schools in the vicinity of our production plants in Korea.

Green school for young people

Since 2001, the school has been hosting elementary school students for activities such as marsh and wetland exploration, visiting recycling centers and other activities that provide firsthand experience of the importance of the environment protection. This program is run in collaboration with the Green Family Movement Association in Korea.

Taking action to protect birds

Since 1991, Samsung Electronics has sponsored the Korean Association for Bird Protection in order to protect birds and their environment. The activities include feeding migratory birds and supporting bird watch.

Samsung-WWF (World Wildlife Fund) Green Campaign

Samsung Electronics Austria Inc. held the Samsung Electronics-Word Wildlife Fund (WWF) Green Campaign from February through March 2009 to preserve March-Thaya, Austria’s important ecologically protected area.

During the campaign period, 30 Euros were donated for each “Crystal Rose” LCD TV sold at electronic stores all around Austria. Through this, Samsung Electronics Austria Inc. donated 100,000 Euros to the WWF.