Energy Labels

Energy Star

The US Environmental Protection Agency developed the Energy Star program to identify and promote energy-efficient products that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Since its inception in the U.S. in 1992, the Energy Star logo is now recognized in many countries and covers a wide range of products including office equipment, TVs and white goods.

Many Samsung Electronics products are Energy Star certified. For details of newly certified products and model lists, visit or (EU: office products only).

In addition, the vast majority of Samsung Electronics' TVs, monitors, mobile phones, notebook PCs and printers sold globally meet the latest U.S. EPA Energy Star criteria:

Korea e-Standby Program

Samsung Electronics is a member of the Korean e-standby program, which aims to reduce standby power consumption for electronic products based on manufacturers' voluntary action.

Samsung Electronics aims to meet the Korean energy-saving standard for all relevant product categories, and thereby contribute to reducing energy consumption during the product's use. Consumers in Korea can select those products which show the energy-saving mark.

For more detailed information on Korea e-Standby Program, please visit to

China Energy Conservation Program

In China, Samsung Electronics products with reduced standby power consumption can be identified by the Chinese Energy Conservation Certificate. Most Samsung PCs, printers, monitors and TVs sold in China meet the criteria and are certified.

For more detailed information on China Energy Conservation Program, please visit to