Samsung Electronics established EHS management system in order to ensure workplace safety and minimize environmentally hazardous wastes produced during manufacturing processes.

Through this system, Samsung Electronics has significantly improved its management of pollutants and established processes to reduce occurrence of environmentally hazardous wastes. By introducing and expanding systems for the treatment and recycling of waste generated, we are actively fulfilling our responsibilities for the preservation of the planet and its resources.

At a corporate level, we have established systematic environmental safety goals, as well as setting separate objectives for each facility, in order to achieve world-leading environmental safety standards.

ESH policy

Samsung Electronics has established an Environment, Safety and Health (ESH) policy that complies rigorously with local and regional regulations and requirements...

ESH management

In compliance with the global standards of ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, Samsung Electronics operates a health and safety system and ...

Resource recycling

While consuming energy and generating waste are inevitable from most of business activities, companies should minimize their environmental footprints...


Demand for the protection of biodiversity is increasing since an international agreement on biodiversity protection was signed in 1992.