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Regulations on fair trade, environment and corruption are becoming increasingly stringent across the globe. To realize sustained growth and development as a world leading company, Samsung Electronics is firmly committed to complying with laws and regulations and upholding high ethical standards.

Compliance Management

Samsung Electronics has established a new compliance system to prevent and minimize business risks associated with issues such as collusion and violation of intellectual property rights. We have instituted a compliance program that includes preemptive and year-round training, control and supervision in order to ensure adherence to pertinent laws by the company and all employees and mitigate risks related to violation of laws and regulations. Our compliance activities are broadly classified into prevention, monitoring and follow-up processes. Prevention activities include employee education, distribution of manuals on compliance, system-based self-inspections, and operation of a help desk to respond to questions on compliance matters. We also keep up to date with the introduction and revision of various laws and regulations. There is a separate team dedicated to monitoring activities. After dealing with a compliance issue, we analyze the related process and outcome to find the fundamental cause and pursue improvement measures. Real life examples are used in training programs as a way of preventing recurrence of any compliance problems that arise.

Compliance Activities

Prevention, Monitoring, Follow-up

Compliance Organization

Compliance Organization

Compliance Committee : Highest decision-making body on compliance that receives periodic briefings on related activities. It sets the direction of compliance activities and is authorized to grant approval for key compliance issues.
Compliance Team : Oversees compliance activities and proposes compliance policy and direction. It is responsible for consolidating/adjusting compliance matters across the company, operates the help desk and manages reports of irregularities