Dear Stakeholders, I would like first to express my appreciation for your continued support and interest in Samsung Electronics. I’m delighted to meet you in cyberspace..

I would like to thank everyone for the support and interest you have shown in Samsung Electronics. We published the 2012 Sustainability Report to look back on the progress we have made so far and share our achievements with stakeholders.

In 2011, Samsung Electronics recorded the highest sales despite the global economic recession and intense competition from competitors, while firmly rooting our leadership in the global electronics industry. We have striven to become the top global company and that achievement was made possible thanks to sustainable management efforts to foster a creative corporate culture, compliance management, shared growth with suppliers, and our social contribution activities.

I would like to give my personal pledge for Samsung Electronics’ continued efforts in 2012 towards a sustainable future. I also would like to introduce our sustainable activities from 2011.

First, we made a strong effort to create a more open and flexible organizational culture capable of responding to the fast-changing business environment. We implemented a flexible work hour scheme and remote working policies to provide a work environment that fosters creativity and to stimulate self-motivation. The Creative Development Institute was also created to foster a culture that respects the value of constructive failures. A great emphasis was also placed on the incorporation of various policies for female employees, the disabled and overseas employees to ensure management based on mutual respect and mutual understanding. We also promoted compliance management to become a respected corporate citizen with a firm belief that legal compliance and integrity management are the keys to maintaining a healthy society and a strong market-based economy. We reinforced the compliance management organization and strengthened training programs to raise awareness of the importance of business ethics. Shared growth has been another area of strong emphasis in the business management at Samsung Electronics, as we believe in the support and approval of society as a source of our competitiveness. We operated a comprehensive supplier support program to enhance their competitiveness including technology development collaboration to produce tangible outputs on realizing shared growth.

More specifically, we have implemented shared growth initiatives, including ‘Globally Competitive SMEs’, a ‘Supplier Support Fund’ and ‘New Technology Development Contest’ programs, which are not limited to simple financial assistance. We are also implementing various measures to ensure that second- and third-tier suppliers benefit from our shared growth initiatives. In addition to supplier support, we have conducted social contribution activities including ‘Hope Children’s Learning Center’ for students of low income families and the ‘Stepping Stone Scholarship Program’ for disabled college students.

Lastly, we have been striving to develop innovative eco-products and to establish green operation sites. In 2011, we focused on achieving greenhouse gas reduction, product energy efficiency improvement, and the implementation of a water resource management system in order to respond to global environmental issues.

Dear stakeholders,

Samsung Electronics will continue to make every effort to strengthen its market leadership and long-term business competitiveness in order to become an exemplary company matched by no other. In addition, we will proactively fulfill our social responsibilities and strengthen stakeholder engagement based on the trust built on our responsible actions.

I would like to ask for your unstinted support and encouragement in our endeavor to create a brighter, more prosperous future.
Thank you.

ceo sign

Oh-Hyun Kwon

Vice Chairman & CEO, Samsung Electronics