Under the CSR vision of “Global Harmony with People, Society and the Environment,” Samsung Electronics strives to build a society where people, society and the environment coexist in harmony.

For systematic implementation of CSR, the CSR Liaison Office, which reports directly to the CEO, was created in January 2009. A consultative body comprising of executives of CSR related departments holds discussions on how to address and resolve major CSR issues and questions posed by external stakeholders.

The recent rise in CSR related inquiries from external stakeholders has increased the need for timely and transparent information disclosure. In response, Samsung Electronics set up a new external request handling system to facilitate communication with stakeholders.

In 2010, we received 96 requests from external stakeholders. We effectively responded to these inquiries through cooperation with the HR, environment and IR departments. Presently, we are expanding the scope of issues covered in the Sustainability Report and information disclosure via the Web to communicate CSR issues more effectively.

Partner Collaboration Executive Meeting.