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Control Panel Style
Touch Screen Control Panel Style

Appearance of the touchpad. It can be hidden from view for a sleeker look or partially hidden for more visibility.

Touch Screen
Control Type
Hidden Control Type

Panel design and functionality. Touch control means the buttons are smooth sensors embedded in the cooktop.

Energy & Performance
ENERGY STAR® Certified
ENERGY STAR® Compliant

Compliance with Energy Star, a government program, ensures eco-conscious, energy efficient dishwashing.

ENERGY STAR® Compliant
Energy Usage , Kwh/year 279kWh/year
Weights & Dimensions
23 7/8" Wide

The width of the dishwasher in inches.

23 7/8"
25 1⁄4" Depth

The depth of the dishwasher in inches.

25 1/4"
Wash System
Delay Start Option
Cup Shelf

Timer option enabling a dishwasher to be programmed so that it begins at a later time.

Digital Leakage Sensor
Water Leakage Sensor

Mechanism that detects water leakage and instantly shuts machine down to prevent any extensive floor damage.

Turbidity Clean Sensor
Auto Clean Sensor Technology

Mechanism that determines the time, water, and heat necessary for each load, maximizing resources and energy.

Wash Arm
3 Spray Wash Arms (Upper, Middle, Lower)

Mechanism that sprays water in a dishwasher. Multiple wash arms ensure even water distribution during a cycle.

Upper Rack Adjustable Height Yes
Upper Rack Adjustable Tines
2 Fold-Down Tines

Number of holders within a rack that can be adjusted to load different dish sizes and shapes.

Upper Rack Cup Clip
2 Cup Clips

Fasteners that hold down lighter items such as cups, so that they remain secure during wash cycles.

Upper Rack Cup Shelf 2
Parts and Labor Parts and Labor
Circuit Board and Interior Racking Limited on printed circuit board and interior nylon racks
Stainless Steel Tub and Lining Lifetime limited warranty on stainless steel door liner and tub for leakage