Cool Select Pantry with Temperature Control Yes
Total Capacity (cu. ft.) 25.5
High-Efficiency LED Lighting Yes
Cooling System
Twin Cooling Plus™

Method in which cold air circulates through a refrigerator. A twin system has two separate evaporators.

Twin Cooling Plus®
Surround Air Flow

A fan system that keeps the refrigerator at the optimal temperature by distributing cool air evenly.

Power Freeze and Power Cool Options

Feature that when selected can fast-freeze or fast-chill food in a short period of time.

Humidity Controlled Crispers 2
Tempered Glass Spill Proof Shelves 5
Gallon Bins

Spacious shelf on door secures extra large containers (like gallons of milk) for easy access.

EZ-Open Handle™ Yes
2-Minute Door Alarm

Audible alert indicating that the refrigerator door has been open for two minutes.

Contour Doors w/ Smooth Finish

Refrigerator doors are shaped for optimal feel, functionality, and aesthetics.

CoolTight Door

Refrigerator door that self-closes with a tight seal to conserve energy and to prevent spoilage.

Display Color Blue
Filter Indicator Yes
Water Filter

Filter in a refrigerator that removes impurities from drinking water before it is dispensed.


Chemical cooling agent. R134a does not deplete the ozone layer or contain chlorine.

Product Dimensions with Hinges, Handles and Door (W x H x D) 35 3⁄4" x 70" x 35 5⁄8"
Product Dimensions without Hinges and Door (W x H x D) 35 3⁄4" x 68 5⁄8" x 29 1⁄2"
Product Dimensions with Door without Handles (W x H x D) 35 3⁄4" x 70" x 33 1/4"
Product Dimensions with Doors Open (W x H x D) 35 3/4" x 70" x 48 1/8"
Shipping Dimensions (W x H x D) 38 5/8" x 75 3/4" x 36 1/4"
Net Depth with Door Handle (in) 35 5/8"
Net Height without Hinge (in) 68 5/8"
Product Width 35 3/4"
Refrigerator Features
Refrigerator Capacity (cu. ft.) 17.5
Humidity Control Crispers
Humidity Control Crispers

Fruit and vegetable drawers have adjustable air moisture levels to keep produce fresher for longer.

Tempered Glass Shelves
Tempered Glass Shelves

Shelves made of heat-treated, high strength safety glass.

Gallon Bins
6 Gallon Door Bins

Spacious shelf on door secures extra large containers (like gallons of milk) for easy access.

Total Bins 6
High-Efficiency LED Lighting Yes
CoolSelect Pantry™
CoolSelect Pantry™

Multipurpose drawer with separate temperature controls to thaw, chill, crisp, or freeze stored foods.

Interior Light
LED Interior Light

Light located in the freezer that is activated when the door is opened.

High Efficiency LED
Internal Digital Display
Internal Digital Display

LCD display and control panel inside a refrigerator that allows a user to set and view temperatures.

Shelves 5
Slide-In Shelf
1 Slide-In Shelf

Shelves that slide in for easy creation of more shelf space.

Slide-out Shelves
3 Slide-out Shelves

Shelves that slide out for easy access to food products in the rear of a refrigerator.

Spill proof shelves Yes
Automatic Ice Maker Yes
Freezer Features
Freezer Capacity (cu. ft.) 8.0
EZ-Open Handle™
EZ-Open Handle™

Engineered handle that allows for easy opening and closing of a fully-loaded freezer.

Drawer Divider 1
High-Efficiency LED Lighting Yes
Built-In Automatic Icemaker

Internal mechanism that freezes water and divides the resulting ice into cubes for easy access.

Cubed and Crushed Ice

Ability of the device on the outside of a refrigerator door to provides instant access to cubed or crushed ice.

Interior Light

Light located in the freezer that is activated when the door is opened.

High-Efficiency LED
Large 2-Divider Opaque Bins

High-capacity container with multiple compartments for frozen food storage and organization.

1 Year One (1) Year Parts and Labor on Refrigerator
5 Years Five (5) Years Parts and Labor on Sealed Refrigeration System Only*
10 Years Ten (10) years Parts and Five (5) years Labor on Digital Inverter Compressor (*Compressor, evaporator, condenser, drier, connecting tubing)

External color of the refrigerator.

CEE Rating Tier 1
kWh/Cycle 620
ENERGY STAR® Certified

Compliance with ENERGY STAR®, a government program, ensures eco-friendly, energy efficient refrigeration.

Energy Consumption 620
Refrigerator Type
French Door

Type of refrigerator: Side by Side, French Door 4-Door Flex™ or Bottom Freezer.

French Door
Product Weight (lb.)

Weight of the refrigerator in pounds (lb.).

289.9 lb.
Shipping Weight (lb.)

Weight of the refrigerator and shipping container in pounds (lb.).

316.3 lb.