Total Capacity (cu. ft.) 7.2
Drum Material
Drum Material: Powder Coat (White)

Substance which makes up the inside of a dryer. Stainless Steel (STS) prevents rust and discoloration.

Powder Coat (White)
Preset Drying Cycles
9 Preset Drying Cycles

Set (or number) of cycles on a dryer that apply specific drying methods to garments and fabrics.

Temperature Setting Options 3
Venting System
4 Way Venting System

Method in which air flow is directed safely out of a dryer.

4 Way
Adjust Time (Up / Down)
Adjust Time (Up / Down)

Control feature (with arrow buttons) that enables a user to increase or decrease a cycle's drying time.

Controls Display LED
Door Safety Lock
Door Safety Lock

Function that prevents a dryer door from being opened by a child.

Drying Rack
DC61-03052A (Not Included)

Mode that uses a specialized drying rack for tumble-free drying of sneakers, sweaters, and other items.

DC61-03052A (Not Included)
Lint Filter Indicator Yes
Power Source Electric
Temperature Settings 3
Product Dimensions
Product Dimensions: 27" (W) x 43 7/8" (H) x 30" (D)

The width, height and depth of the washer or dryer measured in inches (in.).

27" x 43 7/8" x 30"
Shipping Dimensions (W x H x D)
Shipping Dimensions: 29 1/2" (W) x 46 1/2" (H) x 31 1/8" (D)

The width, height and depth of the washer or dryer, including shipping container, measured in inches (in.).

29 1/2" x 46 1/2" x 31 1/8"

The color of the washer or dryer exterior.

Display Color (LED)
Display Color: Red

Color and type of the control panel's screen.

Display Type
LED Display

The type of monitor panel technology (typical listings include TN, VA, IPS, PLS)

Electrical Ratings
DOE Energy Factor (lb/kWh)
DOE Energy Factor: 3.09(lb/kWh)

Amount of energy a dryer consumes as measured by the Department of Energy, in pounds per kilowatt-hour.

Heating Element
Heating Element: 5300 W

Part of a dryer that converts electricity into heat, as measured in British thermal units (BTU) per hour.

5300 W
Drying Cycles
Heavy Duty (Sensor Dry) Yes
Permanent Press (Sensor Dry)
Permanent Press

Cycle with a longer, unheated cool-down period to minimize wrinkling of cottons, synthetics, and knits.

Bedding Yes
Delicates (Sensor Dry)
Delicates (Sensor Dry)

Cycle that dries at a low temperature for fragile or heat-sensitive fabrics, such as hosiery or linen.

Time Dry (Manual Dry)
Time Dry (Manual Dry)

Cycle that enables a user to select and set the duration of a load (in minutes).

Quick Dry (Manual Dry)
Quick Dry (Manual Dry)

Abbreviated 30-minute dry cycle for mildly damp clothes and users on the go.

Normal (Sensor Dry) Yes
Sanitize (Sensor Dry)
Sanitize (Sensor Dry)

Cycle that sanitizes garments and bedding by using high temperature heat to permeate fabrics.

Wrinkle Release (Manual Dry) Yes
My Cycle
My Cycle

Button that activates a user's customized cycle, with preset Dry Level, Temperature, Time, and more.

Wrinkle Prevent
Wrinkle Prevent

Feature that provides intermittent, unheated tumbling at the end of a cycle to reduce wrinkling.

Adjust Time (Up / Down)
Adjust Time (Up / Down)

Control feature (with arrow buttons) that enables a user to increase or decrease a cycle's drying time.

Sound On / Off Button Yes
Child Lock
Child Lock

Safety feature that prevents children from using a dryer. When Child Lock is on, buttons don't respond.

Temperature Settings
High Yes
Medium Yes
Low Yes
Dryness Levels
Very Dry Yes
More Dry Yes
Normal Dry Yes
Damp Dry Yes
Sound Levels
On Yes
Off Yes
One (1) Year All Parts and Labor Yes
Two (2) Years Control Board Yes
Matching Washer
Matching Washer WA422PRHDWR
Dryer Type Electric
Product Weight (lb.) 125.6
Shipping Weight
Shipping Weight: 134.4 lb.

Weight of the washing machine or dryer, and the shipping container, in pounds (lb.).