A Well-Connected Office Pays Dividends

Understandably, first-time entrepreneurs may find the world of business communications and technology to be a bit confusing. One might be tempted to go to their local Staples or OfficeMax to buy a phone system in a box and call their local phone company to obtain a phone number, but this could be a huge mistake.

While doing so would enable you to dial, put calls on hold, and transfer, there are a variety of advanced features you’d be missing out on. You might be surprised to learn that an investment in a modern phone system won’t break the bank, but it can add operational efficiencies and provide a competitive edge. Before making a decision, consider all the operational benefits you can realize by purchasing a system through your local business communications dealer.

Maximize Productivity with Call Management Applications

These days, aren’t we all trying to do more with less? Less money, less office space and often, less staff. Advanced yet affordable telephony systems are equipped with applications that can help enhance staff productivity in several ways, helping to ensure that resources, time and money are best allocated.

An Auto Attendant eliminates the need for a receptionist and provides 24/7/365 phone coverage. When a call comes in, Direct Inward Dialing (DID) allows callers reach their intended parties directly – ultimately giving you the ability to eliminate redundant employees in different locations.

Another way your phone system can enhance productivity is with PC-based call management applications. With the addition of an email gateway, your phone can be seamlessly linked to your Microsoft Outlook® email. So when a new voicemail or fax is received, it can be automatically transferred to employee email inboxes. Some systems even allow on-screen dialing right from Microsoft Outlook. By reducing time spent on administrative tasks, applications like these free up employees to focus on more revenue-generating activities.

Save on Phone Bills with VoIP

For a small business with heavy call volume or a distributed workforce, an IP telephony solution with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phones is a cost-saving option worth considering. Since VoIP calls can be made via the Internet, this solution offers substantial cost savings over traditional telephone calls. In fact, the reduction in monthly phone service charges can be as much as 35 percent!

In addition to the cost savings, VoIP also offers business owners greater flexibility. Moves, adds and changes are easily completed without the need for a technician to come to your office. VoIP allows you to move your own telephone sets while keeping the telephone number and features intact. You simply unplug your phone and plug it into another jack location that is connected to the network or Internet. In addition, there are a wide array of features associated with VoIP systems, such as remote office functionality, call queuing, find me/follow me, and Fax-to-PC.

Enhance Staff Management with Call Monitoring and Recording

A modern business telephone system might offer applications to monitor and record phone conversations, allowing you to capture important information and essential data such as credit-card charges or financial authorizations provided by phone. By recording this data, a small business can minimize the chance for human error and gain added security against customer disputes. Call Monitoring empowers supervisors and managers to offer on-the-spot instruction and help whenever needed to possibly close a deal or “put out a fire.” Many business owners also use monitoring and recording as training tools to review actual phone calls with staff so they can learn from different situations.

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