The Samsung Video Wall Solution features factory tuning and user calibration to provide you with consistent display quality and a customizable appearance that can help you deliver exceptional looking content.

Samsung Video Wall Solution

Display colorful and amazing content that simply cannot be ignored with Samsung’s comprehensive calibration solution. Specialized factory tuning and software help you achieve a uniform mulit-video display so you can deliver the most impactful video wall for your business.

Create Striking Video Wall Displays

A video wall offers a notable way to communicate important information to customers, employees or guests. However, a video wall is composed of individual displays that may vary in luminescence, brightness, color and so on. This lack of uniformity can give viewers a negative impression, and may make them less receptive to the information companies want to convey.

The Samsung Video Wall Solution helps to eliminate this problem by adjusting all panel specifications to a similar condition. Using the displays’ software system, users can adjust brightness and other elements of the video picture to create consistency throughout the video wall. The solution incorporates a two-part approach:

  1. Factory Tuning. Samsung UD and UE Series displays are accurately tuned to their highest-performing uniform brightness and color.

  2. User Calibration. Samsung provides ACM software to more finely adjust color and other attributes.

Display Content with Consistent Brightness & Color Quality

Samsung’s refined manufacturing system manually tunes each display’s x and y color coordinate and brightness to the highest-performing uniform factory standard. Other video wall device manufacturers do not typically perform this process.

The Samsung manufacturing procedure contributes to a more detailed color management solution. This step eliminates the color expression gap and helps ensure the uniformity of video wall displays from the factory. The process is designed to achieve uniformity even when displays are combined with other displays into a video wall. With factory tuning, users do not need to consider purchasing additional equipment or programs for calibration.

Manage Color Details to Fine-tune Display Appearance

The Samsung Video Wall Solution starts with factory tuning, and provides Advanced Color Management (ACM) software for even better color expression. ACM is a customized calibration program developed by Samsung based on market-leading video wall and color management technologies. Businesses can use ACM to adjust and configure color specifications, such as brightness and x and y coordinates. Designed for ease of use, ACM offers three options so that users can show the colors they want in their video displays:

  • Auto Calibration. Users can start with a target value (brightness, color temperature or color coordinate), and set the value. ACM calibrates the display automatically.
  • Manual Calibration. With this option, users can fine-tune the display color or brightness. Sub-brightness or contrast and R, G, B gain or offset values can be manipulated with little effort.
  • Duplication Calibration. When one or two displays are mismatched to the others, users can “copy and paste” the color value from other displays.

The program’s profiling function “remembers” input specifications and results from previous calibrations so users do not need to spend time adjusting the settings again.

Trim Video Wall Costs with Simplified Calibration Solutions

Because Samsung video displays are factory tuned, there is no need to purchase additional equipment or accessories to enhance video quality. However, companies that want to fine-tune video appearance can use the ACM software, which is provided at no charge. Other manufacturers charge customers an additional fee for this type of software.

With the standard ACM software, Samsung customers save on TCO by eliminating their investment in calibration software. They also increase operational efficiency and business productivity with a more uniform video wall.

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