Samsung School

Samsung School introduces a completely new way to teach and learn with a fully integrated educational technology suite. Combining Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablets, energy-efficient interactive whiteboards and wireless printing, all tied together by powerful classroom management software, Samsung School empowers teachers to better engage the “digital native” generation of students.

Samsung School

Samsung School brings a fleet of Galaxy Note 10.1 tablets, an interactive whiteboard display and multifunction printer to teachers and students in Memphis, pairing education with technology.

How It Works

For the pilot, the 6th grade math class at Memphis’ Geeter Middle School is now equipped with 35 Galaxy Note 10.1 tablets and a 65-inch interactive whiteboard. Using this new technology, teachers now have the ability to lead interactive lessons and real-time group activities. Students can participate directly with the teacher and view course material, all through the tablets.

Teachers can move about the classroom conducting interactive lessons and activities through their touchscreen tablet. They can easily track individual progress, create dynamic lesson plans, and generally have more access to each and every student—and vice versa.

A Comprehensive Solution

Samsung School is built around three central systems to assist teachers: Interactive Management, Learning Management and Student Information. These three components create a more integrated, engaging digital learning environment that’s easy to manage and frees up teachers to do what they do best: teach.

The Interactive Management Solution lets teachers deliver content or share a student’s screen with the class. Instructors can also track student progress in real-time, easily conduct group activities, Q&As, tests and polls, then instantly call the class to attention by locking student screens via voice command.

The Learning Management System gives teachers a way to provide course e-textbooks, learning apps, and school notices—and students can see these forms at any time.

The Student Information System allows teachers to track student attendance, grades, prizes or demerit points.

A New Way of Learning

Research from the system already in classrooms elsewhere, shows better class convenience, engagement and comprehension – key areas for successful learning. Students and teachers alike can enjoy the convenience of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10.1 and S Pen™.

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