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Inspire a student-centric learning environment with an innovative 1:1 digital education solution. As technology creates a new world and transforms the way we learn, Samsung is committed to providing students with the opportunity to access digital learning resources and acquire 21st century skills.

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A Platform for Knowledge

Samsung School is a total education solution designed to empower students and teachers alike with its innovative teaching and learning tools. An interoperable technology package including Samsung's Galaxy tablets (select models) for the teacher and each student, an interactive whiteboard or other classroom display, as well as a wireless multifunction printer, builds the foundation for the complete digitalization of the classroom. Tying it all together is the Samsung School software, which provides a learning management system for class schedules, resources and apps, along with powerful interactive management tools for leading dynamic class lessons.

Benefits for Your Classroom


Samsung School v1.5 Tablet
  • Screen Monitoring - To enhance student learning and provide individual help more quickly, educators can remotely monitor students’ progress and activities. Students’ screens can be shared on large display devices for improved class participation and easier delivery of student presentations.
  • Student Device Control - Teachers can remotely lock students’ applications, screens and input functionality. This capability improves learning by enabling teachers to keep students focused on assignments and maintain better control of the classroom.
  • Lesson Toolbar - Easy access to Samsung School’s interactive functionalities such as Screen Monitoring and Screen Sharing enables teachers to better engage students by utilizing various web content or educational applications that can be annotated for added flexibility.


A Platform for Knowledge
  • Group Discussion - Using Screen Sharing, up to six participants can simultaneously write on the screen. This real-time collaboration on lesson materials can help students take an active part discussions for a more collaborative learning experience.
  • Separable Canvas - Split an image into separate sections and enable each member of the group to complete their individual part of the assignment. The group leader then combines those split sections and submits the consolidated group assignment to the teacher.
  • Group Reporting- A group leader assigns each member a section of a report to complete using the template provided on their own tablets. Then the leader can combine the completed sections together into a single group report to submit to the teacher.


SE LFD classroom 2 Landscape
  • Screen Sharing - Teachers and students can share content with each other, providing dynamic interaction among all participants in the class. While sharing a screen, a student or teacher can write on it to enhance engagement in the lesson.
  • Quizzes & Polls - Teachers can easily design and administer creative quizzes and polls via simple templates to better engage students, and quickly assess how well the class comprehends materials to help optimize future lessons according to learning needs.


The Classroom of the Future

Samsung School Standard

  • Samsung School Solution (One Year or Perpetual)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tablets

Samsung School Interactive

  • Samsung School Solution (One Year or Perpetual)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab® 4 Education
  • Samsung ME75C - ME-C Series 75" Edge-Lit LED Display w/ TV Tuner
  • Samsung 75" Touch Overlay
  • Samsung AllShare® Cast Wireless Hub

Samsung School Premium

  • Samsung School Solution (One Year or Perpetual)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab® 4 Education
  • Samsung ME75C - ME-C Series 75" Edge-Lit LED Display w/ TV Tuner
  • Samsung 75" Touch Overlay
  • Samsung AllShare® Cast Wireless Hub
  • Samsung Color Multifunction Printer

Backward Grade To

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab® 10.1
  • Samsung Galaxy Note® 10.1

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