Working Towards a Brighter Future

The future of education lies in technology. And the futures of students lies in their ability to engage and employ the use of technology. Becoming digital citizens in the global marketplace is essential to securing the competitiveness necessary for students’ success in higher education and in the workforce. Samsung provides educators with cost-efficient technology solutions to empower teachers to deliver these skills and engage today’s generation of students who are true digital natives. The interactive approach afforded promotes a learning environment where innovation and creative thinking take the lead, skills essential for those poised to enter the 21st century globalized workforce. Samsung helps educators provide opportunities for students to work toward a brighter future.

Mending the Digital Divide

As students reach towards the future, the entire school culture is transformed in the process. For example, the 1:1 deployment of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 in conjunction with an interactive whiteboard creates a whole new classroom where students can directly interact with what the teacher is presenting on the screen from their desk. New procedures, protocols and a refreshed mindset accompany the new technological learning environment. Online assignment submissions and the opportunity to leave comments promote efficiency and enhanced interaction amongst students and with their teachers. Teachers can develop questions and exercises that move beyond simple information where students can search for an answer online. Students are more engaged in the content of their education and work collaboratively, creating interactive videos, taking online field trips or having online video chats with students from other countries.

Enabling Interactive, Collaborative Learning

Samsung has a portfolio of affordable LFDs for classroom use, and when you add the optional touch overlay, the display becomes an interactive whiteboard. The LFDs are Energy Star and ADA compliant, and can be used by teachers and students to share presentations, and watch videos and websites. The interactive whiteboard can also be used as part of Samsung School, which integrates with Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and a Samsung wireless multifunction printer. Samsung School enables teachers to easily deliver content to students, share their own or an individual student’s screen with the class and monitor student progress in real time. Instructors can also conduct group activities, Q&As, tests or instant polls. In addition, digital course materials can be accessed by students at any time.

Addressing the Importance of Digital Citizenship

With the integration of digital communication in the modern workplace, it is important that students learn how to benefit themselves as well as how to avoid hurting themselves through the use of technology. As educators utilize the digital classroom to foster students’ use of technology as a tool for making global connections, they can also instill the importance of teaching students about their digital footprints. Samsung’s partnership with SOTI Inc., the world's most trusted provider of Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions, helps to ensure secure mobile computing and demonstrate the importance of information security today. In a modern, technological workplace it is essential to be tech-savvy and to understand the advantages and responsibilities of being a digital citizen.

Providing a Catalyst for Education

Samsung believes it is important to contribute to the education of today’s youth and help foster a greater enthusiasm for learning. Samsung technology catalyzes and brings new and immersive digital learning experiences into the classroom, combining easy-to-use devices and dynamic content that together, drive results. Delivering products designed to give students, teachers and administrators a simple solution for fast and easy-to-manage computing, the future of education shines bright.

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