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Seamless Integration with Government Issued CACs

The Samsung Common Access Card Security Option works in conjunction with your CAC card. Insert your card and enter a PIN number to gain access to your Samsung Multifunction Printer (MFP). The MFP authenticates the PIN, then uses Kerberos and LDAP to verify that you have permission to perform the desired function. When authenticated, the MFP allows you to safely and securely work with highly sensitive documents. See Page 8 of the brochure for a pictorial diagram of the typical workflow to release print jobs.

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Creating a Secure Environment for Productivity

With a dual level security system, you can restrict access to the walk-up features of your Samsung Multifunction Printer (MFP) for unauthorized personnel or increase security by including a digital signature function and an e-mail encryption function. Work confidently knowing your most important data can only be printed, copied or scanned by authorized personnel with proper identifications. Samsung also offers a number of additional printer solutions and premium security options.

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