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Improving the Quality of Healthcare

Streamlining the Patient Experience

Significant developments in technology are allowing healthcare providers to deliver an improved patient experience. Samsung offers healthcare providers exceptional, cost-effective technology solutions that are easy to implement for greater quality in patient care. Focused on maximizing efficiency in dynamic and potentially high-stress environments while protecting confidential patient records, these solutions are streamlining the patient experience from entry to exit. And providers can expend less energy on management and more on providing patients with the healthcare experience they deserve.

Barely Noticing the Wait

Ease patient concerns by greeting them with a comfortable, pleasing environment. With a Samsung tablet on the front desk, guests will start their visit with a smooth digital check-in that instantly brings up their data on the receptionist’s cloud-access, zero client monitor for fast processing. Wirelessly connected to a multifunction printer, any necessary documents can be quickly printed for the patient to complete or review. And along with installing a slim LED TV or seamless video wall to feature content for therapeutic purposes, consider having a tablet in the waiting area as well. Patients will barely notice the wait before they are brought to the examination room.

Integrative Approach to Wellness

In the examination room and throughout the healthcare facility, doctors, nurses and staff can enjoy the benefit of seamless, secure cloud access to confidential patient records for review, decision-making and updating thanks to a spectrum of fixed and mobile devices. More than ever, hospitals and clinics are taking an integrative approach to patient care, which requires real-time sharing of information. Samsung LFDs are playing a major role in visualizing and effectively communicating critical information between doctors, nurses, technicians and patients. For example, at nurse’s stations and ERs, Samsung LEC Series displays show patient status information on large screens. Built for 24/7 environments such as hospital wards, these displays also meet Energy Star standards. Physicians use smaller displays to review medical imaging charts and treatment plans with patients and their families. And to address the need for doctors to be mobile and visit patients in different rooms and locations, Samsung’s devices offer secure access to electronic medical records to stay connected anywhere, anytime.

State-of-the-Art Healthcare Technology

Samsung’s healthcare technology solutions include medical devices designed for accuracy and efficiency. Exclusive patented technology for ultrasound diagnostic systems feature improved image quality and functions for increased confidence. Physicians can perform accurate and fast in-room diagnoses with ultra-portable ultrasound devices featuring Full HD monitors, 3D capabilities, trapezoidal imaging, Color Opt Flow™ and more. As well, Samsung Cloud Displays can be integrated to contribute to immediate time savings during dictation.

A Wealth of Information

Samsung’s technology solutions are the ideal choice for streamlining the technology footprint throughout medical facilities, lowering acquisition and support costs, and improving productivity, all while protecting patient data security. Easy and secure real-time access to a wealth of patient and medical information affords healthcare providers with cost-efficient measures to improve the quality of service in the future of healthcare.

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