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LCD Panels

Low-Power Eco-Green F4 HDDs
Maximize your desktop computer storage. Keep those electricity bills to a minimum. Be kind to the planet. Examine the world's highest-density and environmentally friendly HDD - over 2TB capacity with 23% lower standby power and superb reliabililty.
High-Density F4EG Internal 3.5” Disk Drives
Samsung’s newest addition to its Eco-series internal hard drive, the EcoGreen™ F4, offers storage-hungry multimedia professionals, gamers and home PC users an optimal storage solution for use in desktop computers and workstations. The F4EG squeezes 2TB capacity onto only 3 platters, 667GB each, and is capable of storing up to 880 hours of DVD video or 500,000 songs in MP3 format.
Increase Power Savings With Superb Reliability
Through reduction of the number of disks in the new F4EG, and the application of advanced high aerial density technology, the new EcoGreen HDD lowers power consumption 23% in standby mode while achieving 19% better standby time performance. The F4EG’s design, with fewer heads and disks, significantly minimizes failures while increasing reliability.
Samsung’s EcoGreen F4EG uses just 6.3 watts of power consumption during sequential read and writes, 5.7 watts during random seeks, 5.1 watts when idle and just 1 watt while in standby mode.
The new model is produced with eco-friendly materials, does not rely on any halogens in the manufacture of the PCB, and meets all the environmental regulations including RoHS. The F4EG HDD utilizes its low noise operation technology SilentSeek™ and NoiseGuard™ to achieve quiet system operation.