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LCD Panels

Superior Performance F4 HDDs
High-reliability and maximum speed for high-performance computing. world's highest-density and environmentally friendly HDD - over 2TB capacity with 23% lower standby power and superb reliability.
High-Density F4 Internal 3.5” Disk Drives
Samsung’s Spinpoint F4 3.5-inch internal hard drive offers an optimal storage solution for PCs, MACs, high-end workstations and sever applications. The F4 features a 7,200 RPM platter rotation speed in combination with the 16 MB buffer ensures a smooth and reliable operation, while the 8.9 ms average seek time and 4.17 ms average latency mean you'll get lightning fast transfers . The F4 supports storage capacities up to 320GB – enough space for storing your applications, music, movies, photos, data files and more! The Spinpoint F4 has a one-head design delivers a 10% increase in read/write performance while consuming 7% less power and with quieter operation.