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LCD Panels

High-Capacity Internal Mobile Disk Drives
Find out how Spinpoint MT2 Internal 2.5” Mobile Disk Drives are smashing capacity and performance boundaries. Imagine the possibilities with 43% higher capacity, 20% faster read/write speeds, utilizing 4% lower power.
Spinpoint MT2 Internal 2.5” Disk Drives
Samsung’s Spinpoint MT2 offers the largest capacity, exceptional performance and value for today’s portable digital devices including digital TVs, home media systems and set-top boxes, where quiet and cool operations are important.
Innovative Technology
The new Spinpoint MT2 employs the industry-leading 333GB per-platter technology and offers up to an enormous 1TB for personal digital collections such as photos, music, video and work files. Running at 5400rpm speed, the MT2 has a 12.5mm form factor and utilizes Samsung’s proprietary SilentSeek™ and NoiseGuard™ technologies to minimize noise levels during drive operation.
Premium Performance and Reliability
The performance and reliability features of the Spinpoint MT2 have been enhanced with an optimized design and improved suspension for multidisc. The new MT2 drive delivers about 20% increased read/write performance and 4% lower power consumption compared with competitive drives, and it features shock resistance levels of 400G (2ms) in operation mode and 800G (1ms) when the power is off. With Samsung’s dynamic balancing technology, the Spinpoint drive’s overall stability and reliability is optimized as a high-performing solution.