Samsung XGEO GC80 Digital X-Ray System


Samsung's XGEO GC80 provides a spectrum of diagnostic and patient-centric tools specifically designed for the demands and needs of both care providers and patients. From its ergonomic landscape to its innovative software architecture, the XGEO GC80 offers a modern alternative for the 21st century radiology department–touching each component of your room with both science and purpose.

  • Innovative ALCOS Software Architecture
  • Intuitive Auto Features
  • Exceptional Image Quality
  • Patient Safety and Comfort Solutions

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Product Features

Technology Leader in Image Quality

Samsung, a recognized innovator in image quality, offers its innovative Advanced Low Dose Amorphous Silicon detector with built-in Adaptive Local Contrast Stretching (ALCOS) software for optimizing image contrast and edge sharpness.

Dose Management Responsibility

Dose management is our top priority. The XGEO GC80 includes a distinct 4-way blade control collimation feature to help reduce exposure to all patients, and the Automatic Exposure Control feature helps to limit excessive radiation.

THU with Modern Appearance

The THU (Tube Head Unit) includes a 12" screen, one of the largest in the industry, for image review. The graphical user interface and touch screen design tend to be more accepted and are considered the standard by today’s users of technology.

Easily Establish Protocols

Efficient workflow requires a proper balance of technicians' clinical knowledge and comfort in advanced technology. Standard protocols are built within the XGEO GC80 to help improve workflow and simplify the user experience.

Convenient Automation Tool You Control

Whether your exam is routine or complex, the GC80 provides a spectrum of "auto" features a technologist can use to perform each exam. From beginning to end, there is a specific auto feature dedicated to support efficient workflow and patient care.

Technology at Your Finger Tips

Samsung’s humanoid robot technologies help to reduce technologist fatigue. With power assist manipulation, users can easily adjust the THU (Tube Head Unit) using as little as two fingers to quickly move the tube into position.

Sensory Innovations for Care and Safety

Patient care and safety is reflected in the XGEO GC80 sensory technology. The anti-collision sensors help to prevent the system from colliding with users or patients and audio/visual indicators highlight each of the steps throughout the exam.


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