Samsung XGEO GU60A Digital X-Ray System


A leader in ergonomic design and superior image quality, Samsung introduces the XGEO GU60A as an evolutionary alternative for orthopedics and imaging departments demanding exceptional image quality without sacrificing efficiency. With innovative human robotics, it accentuates the growing demand of imaging centers and is ideally positioned for both current and future imaging needs.

  • Innovative ALCOS Software Architecture
  • Intuitive Auto Features
  • Exceptional Image Quality
  • Dual-Speed Movement

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Product Features

Technology Leader in Image Quality

Samsung, a recognized innovator in image quality, offers its innovative Advanced Low Dose Amorphous Silicon detector with built-in Adaptive Local Contrast Stretching (ALCOS) software for optimizing image contrast and edge sharpness.

Optimizing Flexibility for Every Patient

The universal arm can easily be adjusted to scan various portions. And with broad shoulders that rotate from +120° to -30°, along with a Surface-to-Image Distance (SID) adjustment range of 100-180cm, you can perform flexible scanning in small spaces.

Easily Establish Protocols

Efficient workflow requires a proper balance of technicians' clinical knowledge and comfort in advanced technology. Standard protocols are built within the XGEO GU60A to help improve workflow and simplify the user experience.

Convenient Automation Tool You Control

With automatic memory of frequently-used positions, your device swivels the U-ARM into scan-ready alignment by nature. This way, you can spend less time finding the perfect angle and focus your attention on providing quality care to your patients.

Remote Control System

The remote control can execute most functions so you can work with the scanner without moving back and forth between the control and scanning rooms, while the Remote Management System (RMS) provides real-time monitoring and repair service by request.

THU Touch Screen

A large 12" touch screen on the THU facilitates usability through an intuitive GUI and excellent viewing quality, so you can quickly display captured images for review.

Individual Blade Control

When an area is smaller than the FPD, the individual blade control moves the 4 axes of the scan area to minimize radiation exposure. So you can protect your patients' safety while achieveing superb accuracy. This is especially effective for children.


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