Samsung A30 Ultrasound


Samsung revolutionary Accuvix A30 offers a distinct 21.5" full HD LED monitor on an ultrasound device to display the new imaging standards. Experience enriched 3D/4D performance, increased detection rates, unparalleled automation, a sensitive interface and forward-looking ergonomic design. You'll be able to deliver fast results to patients in real time with greater diagnostic confidence.

  • Enhanced 3D/4D Imaging Technologies
  • 21.5" Full HD LED Display Monitor
  • Simple and Flexible Operation
  • QuickScan™ for Optimized Imaging Efficiency

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Product Features

3D/4D Image Capabilities

FRV (Feto Realistic View™) is a natural illumination 3D/4D rendering technology that provides incredible life-like 3D images. And the 3D XI™ and 3D MXI™ imaging suites offer precise control in viewing, manipulating and examining 3D/4D volume data.

Easier Operation

Enjoy extensive automation, intuitive controls and an ergonomic design. The adjustable panel and articulated monitor arm move side-to-side and up-and-down for unprecedented flexibility and user comfort. And you can lock the device with foot controls.

Quick Access

Efficiently designed imaging tools and advanced technologies provide for smooth, timely operations and fast access to high quality images. This way, medical professionals can focus on providing a comfortable patient experience and accurate diagnosis.

Hybrid Beamforming Engine

The enhanced software engines and hardware of the hybrid beamforming engine enable more accurate data processing. Achieve high-resolution imaging with reduced artifacts, increased contrast and improved Doppler performance for optimized evaluation.

21.5" Full HD LED Monitor

Partake a distinct 21.5" full HD LED ultrasound monitor, introducing high-resolution image representation. Adapting the high contrast and resolution advantages of CRT and LCD monitors, this wide form factor delivers exceptional performance.


Improve the patient experience thanks to SDMR from Samsung. Implement rapid and precise diagnostic procedures with high-resolution 2D image quality, increased edge enhancement and speckle noise artifact reduction for greater diagnostic confidence.


Integrated real-time DVD recording via ADVR enables simultaneous scanning and recording, and allows users to choose desired recording areas. This way, you can streamline the storage process in a customized manner without the additional work.


At the touch of a button, QuickScan helps to streamline patient flow and efficiency. By enabling automatic optimization of key imaging parameters, you can devote your medical attention to more accurate diagnoses and improving the quality of care.

Simple User Interface

The user experience is simplified thanks to improved options for preset automation and modes that make examination easier by reducing multiple tasks. And independent settings for user presets and basic presets support smooth, streamlined operation.

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