Samsung Medison Accuvix XG Ultrasound Machine


Exceed patients' expectations in ultrasound options with Samsung Medison's Accuvix XG. State-of-the-art 3D/4D imaging technologies deliver enhanced evaluation capabilities, ease of use, speed and improved accuracy. Portability allows for a flexible user experience with customizable functions enabling smooth and intuitive use. Design a seamless environment to create an improved patient experience.

  • Enhanced 3D/4D Imaging on the 19" LCD Monitor
  • Simple and Flexible Operation
  • Ergonomic and Portable to Meet Dynamic Patient Needs
  • QuickScan™ for Optimized Imaging Efficiency

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Product Features

3D/4D Image Capabilities

HDVI™ affords naturally clear contrast for excellent tissue differentiation, edge depiction and speckle reduction. And the 3D XI™ and 3D MXI™ imaging suites offer precise control in the viewing, manipulation and examination of 3D/4D volume data.

2D Image Capabilities

Dynamic MR™/DynamicMR+2.0™ enriches gray-scale resolution across a wide dynamic range. SRF™ helps to eliminate speckle echoes. SCI™ steers the ultrasound beam and compounds many scan lines. And FSI™ delivers consistent, high-quality 2D images.

User-Friendly Functionality

Enjoy ease of operation with features like an adjustable control panel that can be set to the user's preferred height and a wide touch screen for simple functionality. So you can create a better working environment and facilitate patient flow.

19" LCD Monitor & Articulating Arm

Experience outstanding imagery in sharp contrast on the 19" LCD monitor. The clear display can assist more accurate diagnoses, as the articulating monitor arm enables easy mobility for a more comfortable working environment and convenient operation.

Portable Convenience

The ergonomic design emphasizes portability with 4 swivel wheels for easy steering. So you can dynamically meet the demands of your patient flow safely and hassle-free. And a locking function secures the machine in place for scanning and storage.

Customizable Usability

Customizable measurement menus allow quick access to frequently-used functions to enable a faster, more intuitive user experience. And the user keys and knob can map those functions for speedy, simple activation to facilitate the patient experience.

Annotation Menu & Body Markers

Preset up to 360 words of annotations, and utilize body markers for each application in order to reduce the time needed for examination. This way, you can focus more on securing the most accurate diagnoses possible and improving the quality of care.


At the touch of a button, QuickScan helps to streamline patient flow and efficiency. By enabling automatic optimization of key imaging parameters, you can devote your medical attention to more accurate diagnoses and improving the quality of care.


Translate stiff & soft tissue information into a gray-scale image with ElastoScan. This technology defines the alteration of the stiffness in the tissue state more accurately, making it easier to effectively utilize the information for diagnosis.


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