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Samsung has been the pioneer in NEW for for over seventy years. For decades, our designers and engineers have developed technologies that have made us the #1 company in semiconductors and the second largest provider of LEDs in the world. Ours is a relentless passion to harness technology and design leadership to help your organization be more efficient, more flexible and more successful.

Our thinking sets us apart from the competition. Let it do the same for you.

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Performer L-Tube 4000K 4ft (32W EQ)



Cut energy use without compromising on light with this high quality 117 LPW 4ft L-Tube.

7.4W (50W) 3000K PAR20



The Samsung 3000K PAR20 LED spot is great in retail and residential applications.

15W 25D 3000K PAR30 (75W EQ)



This Energy Star 3000K PAR30 LED spot is great for energy and maintenance savings.

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