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Product Brochures

The information contained within a brochure is valid from the issuing date and may be changed without advance notice. Issue dates may not reflect recent updates. If you reference a brochure, please check that the information is accurate by checking the corresponding product pages in this website or by sending your inquiry to us.
MCU / EEPROM Selection Guide
December 2009

4/8/16/32-bit/CalmRISC Microcontroller Serial EEPROM

acrobat  download PDF

S5K4AW CMOS Image Sensor
March 2009

1.2 megapixel imager optimized for high-definition video applications

acrobat  download PDF

S3C4F65 Mobile TV
February 2009

Single-Chip Mobile TV Channel Decoder RF SoC

acrobat  download PDF

S3C6410 Mobile Processor
February 2008

ARM 1176-based Mobile Application Processor

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