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Which of our latest SSDs, HDD, and ODDs are receiving high marks?
High-Speed 256GB SSD with Toggle-mode NAND Memory
2TB F4EG with Highest Areal Density for Desktops Systems
2010 winner of the iF Product Design Award
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Where to Buy
Available at online retailers
HDD Reviews
CCL Reviewer states: "500GB Samsung Spinpoint MP4 2.5-inch Hard Drive …provides the user with fast performance while operating quietly utilizing Technolog NoiseGuard…"
Designed with the needs of users of portable machines in mind - ideally suited to netbook and notebook users.
Vroom Senior Moderator: The Samsung Spinpoint F4 2TB is one of the best drives that you can buy at this time, it is very fast, quiet and also it can keep the temperatures very low."
As we can see from our tests the Samsung F4 is the fastest drive when you want to read or write data.
Media and Entertainment Technology Pallab Chatterjee: "The new head designs of Samsung’s M7E drives have pushed the capacity of these up to 320GB/platter with a SATA interface."
These drives are have been re-engineered (M7ELP) to support then new thinner "slim line" connectors in a 7mm form factor which is targeted to netbooks/laptops.
TestFreaks Dong Ngo: "The Spinpoint F4 320Gb Hard Drive is fast, it’s faster than all of the other drives…"
The Samsung F4 is a great drive, it’s fast and it’s lightweight, and it’s quiet.