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Which of our latest SSDs, HDD, and ODDs are receiving high marks?
High-Speed 256GB SSD with Toggle-mode NAND Memory
2TB F4EG with Highest Areal Density for Desktops Systems
2010 winner of the iF Product Design Award
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ODD Reviews
Mom's Focus Rajee Pandi: "Samsung Slim External DVD Writer SE-S084D is Win7 and Mac OS compatible. The new DVD writer features Buffer Under Run technology to prevent errors that result from writing speeds that exceed data tranvsfer speeds, while also enabling PC multi-tasking."
The SE-S084D DVD writer is very small making it very portable and it’s quiet and it’s fairly fast, and it only requires one USB cable to operate.
Media and Entertainment Technology Pallab Chatterjee: "The SE-S084F Slim-Line DVD writer "is a very low power external drive that runs only from USB, no additional power cords are needed. Unlike most external drives, this product was extremely quite, and fast…the DVD write was very smooth, no over or under run on data, for both random office data (spreadsheet, document, and graphics) files as well as with archive of video data that was captured from a camcorder."
The new slim form factor is nice for travel and does not impact performance for the drive. Doug Bardwell: The Samsung DVD Writer (SE-S084D) is "a good way to back up and share files with others. The SE-S084D is the lightest and smallest DVD external writer on the market and only needs power from your USB port. No big clunky power "bricks" to power your sleek new DVD writer."
If you need an external drive, you won’t do better than the Samsung SE-S084D.
Storage Review Brian Beeler: The Samsung SE-S084D External DVD drive does what it says it's going to do, and does it with a little design pizazz that's rarely seen with pedestrian devices like portable optical drives."
We find the Samsung SE-S084D to be a reliable performer and capable of being your go-to optical drive for computers that don't have one internally.