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Which of our latest SSDs, HDD, and ODDs are receiving high marks?
High-Speed 256GB SSD with Toggle-mode NAND Memory
2TB F4EG with Highest Areal Density for Desktops Systems
2010 winner of the iF Product Design Award
Where to Buy
Available at online retailers
SSD Reviews
Hardware Geeks Michael Reyes: Editors' Choice Award - "Samsung's 470 series SSD offers faster write speeds, and read times than traditional HDDs…"
Overall the drive worked great, and on most netbooks and notebooks it’s a simple upgrade.
The SSD Review Les Tokar: "For 2xSATA II drives in RAID0, Samsung 470 Series SSD's high sequential write scores of 534MB/s read and 518MB/s (as shown in ATTO) are amazing..."
Even in RAID, the Samsung SSD performs like a workhorse.
GizmoCrave Siyahi: "The 470 series of Samsung SSD, with its high-performance, is capable of giving much competition to the existing SSD brands in the market."
quote offers a write speed of 220 MB/s, unlike many other SSDs available in the market.
The SSD Review Les Tokar: "Samsung is a pioneer in the SSD field. The Samsung 470 Series SSD is the top performing SSD tested since our first was published in 2007."
After completing all testing…this is simply the best drive on the market. The initial tests spoke for themselves but the Vantage scoring just blew all others out of the water...
Tom’s Hardware Patrick Schmid: "Samsung’s new 470-series can be called a new breed… comes with Samsung’s new toggle mode DDR NAND flash memory to improve SSD performance while keeping power consumption down. The results are impressive…"
The Samsung 470 reaches higher throughput and is stronger than most of the other SSDs…Additionally, we found it to be the best drive on sustained performance.
CNET Dong Ngo: "Fast, energy-efficient, lightweight, and durable…a storage device that offers the ultimate performance, a solid-state drive would be it. Case in point: the all-new 470 series SSD from Samsung."
The Samsung 470 shines where it matters the most: performance.