Samsung recommends Windows 8.

Samsung PCs: Why Samsung?

Need a Little Help?

Choosing a PC that's right for you and your family can be a challenge. Laptop or Desktop? How much RAM do you need? How much battery life? How mobile do you need to be? We created this Buyer's Guide to help with the research so you can find a PC that works for your lifestyle.

Why Samsung?

Whether you want to work, play or do a bit of both, Samsung has a range of PCs to support different lifestyles. All our PC designs are inspired by our customers. We listen to their needs, and strive to innovate PC solutions that complement their life, while pushing the possibilities of what they can do.



Innovation and simplicity are at the heart of our designs. We want our PCs to help make your life a little easier and a lot smarter. Our lightweight laptops are designed for ultimate-mobility, so you can be productive wherever you go. We have desktops that use smart touch screen technology to give you more ways to interact, create, and control. Plus we are innovating new form factors that combine the power of a PC with convenience of a tablet.

PC Ecosystem

We've designed our PCs to be a part of an ecosystem of products, so you can seamlessly store, share and manage your content. With SideSync, you can sync files instantly with your Samsung smart phone. Or you can create your own personal cloud service with HomeSync lite, which lets you and your family store and share your favorite videos, music, photos, and content.


Our high performance machines give you ultra-fast boot-up and wake times, smooth computing sessions, streamlined multitasking, a reliable SSD, and stunning graphics. If you need something for everyday use, we have PCs that are great for browsing the Internet, checking email and performing basic functions.

Samsung PCs: PC Types

What type of PC is Right for You?

From Laptops and Tablet PCs to Desktops, Samsung PCs come in a range of designs. While all have powerful computing capabilities, each has their own unique benefits. What's right for you? It depends on what you are using.


ATIV Books pack powerful computing into a slim, lightweight body. They are designed to help you work and play harder wherever you are - home, office, or on-the-go. Samsung offers a range of options and features to complement your lifestyle.

  • Great for home, office and on-the-go
  • Slim, lightweight design
  • Range of options to support your needs

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All-in-One PCs

Our ATIV One PCs are Desktop Computers with some innovative extras. They combine the sleek, modern design that Samsung is known for with powerful PC performance and a multi-touch HD Screen. It's meant to complement both your life and your home.

  • Great for home use
  • Elegant, Modern Design
  • HD Multi-touch screen

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Tablet PCs

ATIV Tabs are an innovative form factor that combine an HD Touch Tablet with the power and productivity of a PC. It comes with an optional keyboard, so you can have a full PC experience. It's ideal for people who want the benefits of both devices in one.

  • Great for mobile lifestyles
  • HD tablet easily converts to a PC (keyboard ptional)
  • Write notes or draw with S Pen

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Samsung PCs: Sync & Store Content

Connecting a PC to Other Devices

All our PCs are part of an ecosystem of Samsung products that are designed to work together. When you connect your PC to a Samsung TV, Smartphone, Tablet, or Camera you can explore difference ways of sharing content and controlling your devices.

Store your growing collection of movies, music, photos, and important files on this personal cloud device for your home. It's a smart way for you and your family to back up your content and share it across your different devices. And there are no additional monthly costs.

Up to 1 TB Storage

You and your family have plenty of space to save all your videos, music, photos and important files.

Share across devices

Access movies, music, and photos from your TV, Smartphone, Tablet, and PC.

Remote Control

Use your Mobile devices like a remote to control Home Sync and navigate your favorite content.

SideSync seamlessly connects your PC to your Smartphone, so you can easily share and organize content and files.

Auto Back Up and Recharging

Automatically back up videos, photos, and files while recharging your phone.

Keyboard and Mouse Sharing

Drag and drop files between the devices, or copy and paste. It's as if your mobile device is an extension of your PC desktop.

Phone Screen Sharing Mode

View your mobile device on your PC like a virtual phone so you can easily multi-task to perform functions, like sending texts.

Samsung PCs: Input Technologies

Discover New Ways to Interact

Some of our latest Laptops, All-in-One PCs, Tablet PCs and Monitors feature innovative ways to interact, control and navigate. You can browse the web, chat with friends and perform other functions by using a pen, touching the screen or even doing a hand gesture.

Touch Screen

Control your PC and perform functions by simply touching your fingers to the screen. Touch screen uses up to 10 points of contact, which means you can do things like tap, drag, expand and rotate objects.

See PCs with Touch Screen

Gesture Control

Some of our latest PCs use gesture recognition technology. You can control the PC with simple hand gestures from more than 3 feet away from the screen.

See PCs with Gesture Control

S Pen

This handy tool works just like a pen. You can draw, sketch, or write right on your PC's touch screen. It's designed with pressure sensitivity for detail and accuracy.

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Computing 101: Processor (CPU)

What is a Processor (CPU)?

Commonly known as the "brain" of the computer, the central processing unit (CPU) carries out the basic functions of a computer. It tells your PC what to do and when to do it, and often prioritizes functions in order to optimize performance. The speed of the processor determines a PC's perfomance, and impacts daily tasks like multi-tasking, multi-media, or application speeds.

Choosing a Processor

Samsung PCs come with either Intel, AMD or our specially created Samsung Quad-Core processors. The higher-end CPUs support more powerful performance and faster clock speeds while being more energy efficient. The lower-end models provide greater value with a lower cost.

Quad-Core Processor


Developed exclusively for Samsung, this Quad Core Processor delivers more graphics intensive capabilities for gaming, multi-media and video editing. It also features advanced multi-tasking so you get more productivity and efficiency out of your PC.


Intel® Pentium

This processor is super-reliable and covers all the basics. You can perform all your everyday functions like browsing the Internet, keeping in touch via social media, sharing photos & music and even some light gaming.

  • Email, Internet, Social Media
  • Sharing Music & Photos
  • Light Gaming

Intel® Core™ i3

Faster and more responsive, this processor goes beyond the basics for a more immersive PC experience. Great for browsing the Internet on-the-go, keeping connected via social media & email, and basic gaming and multimedia.

  • Browsing the Internet on-the-go
  • Basic Gaming & Multimedia
  • Email, Video Chat, Social Media

Intel® Core™ i5

This processor goes beyond your everyday PC needs, for more intensive video, multimedia and gaming. Enjoy faster Internet browsing and a greater overall, responsive PC experience.

  • Multi-tasking
  • Gaming & Multimedia
  • Faster Internet browsing, Video Chat, Social Media

Intel® Core™ i7

This top-of-the-line processor is an ideal choice for a high- performance PC experience. It's fast, super responsive, and can handle heavy multi-tasking and multimedia in HD.

  • Advanced Multi-tasking
  • Advanced Gaming, Multimedia & 3D
  • Faster Interner browsing, Video Chat, Richer Social Media

Intel Atom Processor

This Processor combines high performance with power efficiently.

  • Browsing the Internet on-the-go
  • Basic Gaming & Multimedia
  • Email, Video Chat, Social Media


AMD Dual-Core E2

A great match for multi-media lovers - this Dual Core processor is great for watching HD movies, rich social media and faster internet browsing.

  • Basic Gaming & Multimedia
  • Faster Internet browsing, Video Chat, Richer social Media

AMD Dual-Core A6

A great match for multi-media lovers - this Dual Core processor is great for watching and editing movies, more robust multi-taskign and faster internet browsing.

  • Advanced Gaming, Multimedia & 3D
  • Faster Internet browsing, Video Chat, Richer social Media

Computing 101: Disk Drives

What's a Drive?

The drive is the device in a computer that stores your data. It works a bit like a filing cabinet where files, applications, software and the operating system are stored. Drives are measured in Gigabytes and Terabytes — the higher the number, the more data the drive can hold.

What is an HDD?

A HHD, or "Hard Disk Drive", is the standard type of drive that stores data in most PCs. It saves and retrieves information from a spinning disk. Reliable and efficient, Hard Disk Drives are capable of storing larger amounts of data.

What is an SSD?

A SSD, or "Solid-State Drive", is generally considered the next generation of drives. What does this mean exactly? Basically data transfer is much faster, which makes a PC run more smoothly and be generally more responsive. PC operations are optimized so you can work and play more efficiently.

Another big difference is that a SSD doesn't rely on moving parts. While an HDD saves and retrieves data from a spinning disc with a mechanical arm, an SSD has an embedded processor which means they are much quieter and have less risk of mechanical failure.

HHD (Hard Disk Drive) vs. SSD (Solid State Drive)

  • More affordable
  • Larger storage capacity
  • Work and play more efficiently
  • Applications launch faster
  • Instant On Boot times
  • Quieter - No Moving Parts

Computing 101: RAM (System Memory)

What is RAM?

RAM is the memory a PC uses when you are running an application. It's a bit like when you take a file out of the file cabinet, and start working with it on your desktop. The more applications you have running, the more RAM you are using. That's why when you are multitasking with multiple programs open, a PC can sometimes slow down if it does not have enough RAM.


Here's an idea of how much RAM is needed to perform tasks:

Basic Memory 2GB - 4GB

Great for basic systems and running multiple applications simultaneously.

Advanced Memory 6GB - 8GB

Great for gaming and other memory-intensive applications like photo or video editing programs.

High Performance Memory 12GB

Great for High-powered productivity and faster multi-tasking and application use.

RAM Accelerator Technology

Browse and load apps up to 1.5x faster by putting idle memory to good use. RAM Accelerator Technology gives you a boost of power when you need it.

Computing 101: Battery Life

Battery Life 101

How much battery life do you need in a Laptop? That depends a bit on how mobile your life is. Do you usually use your laptop at home, in the office or anywhere near an outlet? Or are you frequently on-th-go? Here are some general guidelines on what you might need:

Standard Mobility

At Home, the Office & On-the-Go

All Day Mobility

Mostly On-th-Go

High-Power Mobility

Always On-the-Go

Extended Battery Life

Some of Samsung's ATIV Books come with Power Life Plus Technology, which retains 80% of the original battery capacity for up to 1,000 charges to help you squeeze as much battery life as you need day in and day out.

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Computing 101: Graphics Card

What is a Graphics Card?

Sometimes referred to as a video card, the graphics card is a piece of hardware installed in your PC that renders the image on the display. Video, Games, 3D and all digital imaging are made possible by the graphics card.

Choosing a Graphics Card

If you're planning to play a lot of video games or watch a lot of movies, a powerful graphics card is highly recommended. Samsung outfits its PCs with one of three graphic cards: Intel, NVIDIA and AMD. All provide blazing fast performance.

All of our Graphics cards provide all the basics for browsing the Internet, watching movies & videos, and using basic applications. If you're a gamer, movie lover, or power user and require more robust Graphics, here are some ideas on what might be right for you:

Gaming & Entertainment

If you're a big-time gamer, check out our recommended PCs. They're packed with processing power that's perfect for high-powered gaming.

See Our Recommended PCs

Movies & Multimedia

If you're in to HD movies and videos, explore our recommended PCs. They're perfect for watching movies, TV Shows, and video chatting.

See Our Recommended PCs

High-Powered Graphics User

If you do video editing, 3D, or use any high-powered
graphics programs, explore our recommended PCs.

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Computing 101: Windows 8

Windows 8

Many of our new PCs run on the latest Windows 8 Operating System, It fearures some powerful innovations that are allowing more personalization while increasing productivity and portability.

Key Features:

  • More Personalization
  • More Power & Security
  • More Mobility
  • Cloud-Connected
  • Better Multi-tasking

Learn More About Windows 8

Samsung recommends Windows 8.

More Info: Comparison Grids

Comparison Grids

Compare the features and specs of our PCs with our copmarison grid.

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