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Screen Size
27" Measured Diagonally

The diagonal measurement of a TV screen or monitor, from corner to corner.

27" Measured Diagonally
2560 x 1440 Resolution

Fixed number of horizontal scan lines on a monitor. P (Progressive) means scan lines are drawn in sequence.

2560 x 1440
Brightness 300 cd/m²
Dynamic Contrast Ratio
1000:1 Static, Mega Dynamic

Difference in luminosity between brightest color (white) & darkest (black) over time. Higher ratio means more contrast.

1000:1 Static, Mega Dynamic
Viewing Angle (Horizontal/Vertical)
178°/178°(CR>10) Viewing Angle

Degrees from side to side (and above to below) from which a screen can be viewed without loss of quality.

Response Time
5ms (GTG) Response Time

Typical speed at which pixels can change color. Lower response times mean better motion image reproduction.

5ms (GTG)
Power Consumption (Max) 51 W Typical, 41 W w/o USB
Max Stand By Power (DPMS)
1.0 Standby

Energy consumed by a monitor while off or in sleep mode, as per Display Power Management Signaling.

Special Eco Saving, Multi Screen Software, Magic Bright, Magic Color, Off Timer, Customized Key, Image Size Adjustment, 0W Power On & Off Switch, Carring Hadle, Cable Arrangement
Wall Mountable Yes
Wall-Mount (Size mm)
(100x100 & 100x200) Wall Mount

Attachment for bracket that enables a monitor to hang on the wall and pivot or tilt for optimal positioning.

Yes (100x100 & 100x200)
Magic Angle Yes
Dimensions (W x H x D)
Product Dimensions With Stand
25.3" (W) X 17.4" (H) X 8.8" (D) With Stand

Width, height and depth of the monitor, including stand, as measured in inches (in.).

25.3" X 17.4" X 8.8"
Product Dimensions Without Stand
25.3" (W) X 15.3" (H) X 1.6" (D) Without Stand

Width, height and depth of the monitor, without stand, as measured in inches (in.).

25.3" X 15.3" X 1.6"
Shipping Dimensions
Shipping Dimensions:28.5" (W) X 18.5" (H) X 1.6' (D)

Width, height and depth of the monitor, including shipping container, as measured in inches (in.).

28.5" X 18.5" X 1.6
Weight (lb.)
Product Weight With Stand
Product Weight: 14.5 lb.

Weight of the monitor, as measured in pounds (lb.).

14.5 lb.
Shipping Weight
Shipping Weight: 21.6 lb.

Weight of the monitor, including shipping container, as measured in pounds (lb.).

21.6 lb.
Warranty 3 year Parts & Labor
Installation Software Yes
DVI Cable Yes
USB Cable USB 2.0 Cable
Green Management
ENERGY STAR® Certified

Approval by Energy Star, a government program, ensures TV is eco-friendly and energy efficient.

EPEAT Rating Yes
Dual Link DVI x2

Digital Video Interface sends high-quality video data to projectors and other digital devices.

USB (ConnectShare)

Universal Serial Bus. Hardware interface standard for connecting peripherals to a computer.

Display Port Yes
Backlight Technology LED PLS
Cabinet Style
Matte Black

Color of the stand and casing that frames a monitor's screen.

Matte Black