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Consumables Name Printer Compatibility Description Download
CLP-C300A CLP-300,CLP-300N,CLX-3160FN,CLX-2160N
CLP-C350A CLP-300,CLP-300N,CLX-3160FN,CLX-2160N
CLP-K300A CLP-300,CLP-300N,CLX-3160FN,CLX-2160N
CLP-M300A CLP-300,CLP-300N,CLX-3160FN,CLX-2160N
CLP-M350A CLP-300,CLP-300N,CLX-3160FN,CLX-2160N
CLP-Y300A CLP-300,CLP-300N,CLX-3160FN,CLX-2160N
CLP-Y350A CLP-300,CLP-300N,CLX-3160FN,CLX-2160N
CLP-500D5C CLP-550, CLP-550N
CLP-500D5M CLP-550, CLP-550N
CLP-500D5Y CLP-550, CLP-550N
CLP-500D7K CLP-550, CLP-550N
CLP-510D2C CLP-510, CLP-510N
CLP-510D2M CLP-510, CLP-510N
CLP-510D2Y CLP-510, CLP-510N
CLP-510D3K CLP-510, CLP-510N
CLP-510D5C CLP-510, CLP-510N
CLP-510D5M CLP-510, CLP-510N
CLP-510D5Y CLP-510, CLP-510N
CLP-510D7K CLP-510, CLP-510N
CLP-C600A CLP-600, CLP-600N, CLP-650, CLP-650N
CLP-K600A CLP-600, CLP-600N, CLP-650, CLP-650N
CLP-M600A CLP-600, CLP-600N, CLP-650, CLP-650N
CLP-C660A CLP-610ND, CLP-660ND, CLX-6200FX, CLX-6210FX, CLX-6240
CLP-K660A/B CLP-610ND, CLP-660ND, CLX-6200FX, CLX-6210FX, CLX-6240
CLP-M660A CLP-610ND, CLP-660ND, CLX-6200FX, CLX-6210FX, CLX-6240
CLP-Y660A CLP-610ND, CLP-660ND, CLX-6200FX, CLX-6210FX, CLX-6240
CLP-Y600A CLP-600, CLP-600N, CLP-650, CLP-650N
CLT-C409S CLP-315, CLP-315W, CLX-3175FN
CLT-C4092S CLP-315, CLP-315W, CLX-3175FN
CLT-K409S CLP-315, CLP-315W, CLX-3175FN
CLT-M409S CLP-315, CLP-315W, CLX-3175FN
CLT-M4092S CLP-315, CLP-315W, CLX-3175FN
CLT-T4092S CLP-315, CLP-315W, CLX-3175FN
CLT-Y409S CLP-315, CLP-315W, CLX-3175FN
CLT-C508L CLP-620ND, CLP-670ND, CLX-6250FX, CLX-6220FX
CLT-M508L CLP-620ND, CLP-670ND, CLX-6250FX, CLX-6220FX
CLT-K508L CLP-620ND, CLP-670ND, CLX-6250FX, CLX-6220FX
CLT-Y508L CLP-620ND, CLP-670ND, CLX-6250FX, CLX-6220FX
CLT-C508S CLP-620ND, CLP-670ND, CLX-6250FX, CLX-6220FX
CLT-K508S CLP-620ND, CLP-670ND, CLX-6250FX, CLX-6220FX
CLT-M508S CLP-620ND, CLP-670ND, CLX-6250FX, CLX-6220FX
CLT-Y508S CLP-620ND, CLP-670ND, CLX-6250FX, CLX-6220FX

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