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Welcome to Samsung Green Memory & Solid State Drive Resource Center
Learn more about how Samsung Green Memory and Solid State Drives can accelerate the performance and reliability of your Dell™ data center environment. Listed below you can view or download our recent resources (whitepapers and datasheets) to aid you in your upcoming hardware investment. The whitepapers provide case examples on:
  • VDI performance comparison of Samsung SSDs vs. SAS drives in a Dell™ PowerEdge™ R720
  • Enhancing server performance and scalability with solid-state drives
  • Dell™ Server solution with Samsung SSDs supporting virtual desktops
  • Dell™ Server solution with Samsung SSDs supporting Microsoft® Exchange and Sharepoint user experience
White Papers
Make Strong Database Performance Stronger with Dell EMC PowerEdge and Samsung AutoCache
Using Dell EMC PowerEdge FC630 servers, powered by Intel Xeon processors E5-2667 v4, in a PowerEdge FX2 enclosure to run your database applications can be an excellent datacenter strategy. Along with QLogic® QLE2692 16Gb Fibre Channel (FC) adapter with StorFusion Technology, and the Dell EMC Storage SC9000 all-flash array, the modular architecture approach of the FX2 and FC630 servers packs a great deal of compute power into a small amount of space, which can boost the cost-effectiveness of your business.
Infographic: Delivered 2X the OPM with Samsung AutoCache
Dell PowerEdge R730xd Servers with Samsung SM1715 NVMe Drives Powers the Aerospike Fraud Prevention Benchmark
Dell, a leading vendor of enterprise servers, commissioned Demartek to validate the performance of a complex fraud prevention analysis workload powered by the Aerospike NoSQL database running on a cluster of Dell PowerEdge R730xd servers with Samsung SM17151 NVMe SSDs. The Aerospike distributed NoSQL database is optimized for extremely fast transactions on flash storage, making the PowerEdge R730xd server and SM1715 NVMe drives an ideal platform to deliver exceptional transactional performance for a robust application experience.
Dell PowerEdge R930 with Oracle: The Benefits of Upgrading to Samsung NVMe PCIe Storage
In the Principled Technologies labs, we tested a Dell PowerEdge R930 server running Oracle Database 12c with an OLTP workload. We tested the server with four storage configurations: an all-hard disk drive (HDD) configuration, an all-SAS solid-state drive (SSD) configuration, a hyrbrid configuration using a mix of HDDs and SAS SSDs with a caching solution, and a Samsung-powered NVMe PCIe SSD configuration.
Infographic: Optimize Database Performance
Performance Comparison: Samsung Solid-State Drive vs. Hard Disk Drive in a Dell Latitude 14 7000 Series Laptop
In our labs, Principled Technologies tested two nearly identical Dell Latitude 14 7000 Series (Model E7440) laptops running Microsoft ® Windows ® 7 Professional - one with a 512GB Samsung PM851 SSD and the other with a hard drive (HDD). We found that the Dell Latitude E7440 with a Samsung SSD outperformed the same system with an HDD in both performance and battery life. This means that upgrading your Dell Latitude 14 7000 Series laptop with a Samsung SSD can boost employee productivity versus using a traditional HDD.
V-NAND Technology
Current 2D planar NAND technology has intrinsic limitations, inhibiting capacity expansion without critically compromising performance and reliability. As a result of the inability of 2D planar NAND to effectively scale capacity to meet increasing data demands, new solutions must be found. Samsung has developed an innovative solution to satisfy rising data demands with its cutting-edge 3D vertical-NAND (V-NAND) flash memory technology.
Time to Build Your Own Cloud? Key Technology Considerations
Public cloud services offer an easy start-up option. But, as a business becomes more successful, monthly charges can soar. Whether or not a private cloud is right for your business depends on a number of factors, including where and how you decide to build it and which technologies you choose.
VDI performance comparison of Samsung SSDs vs. SAS drives in a Dell PowerEdge R720
Today's servers are more powerful than ever and are ideally suited for your virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). They offer the latest in processing power, memory, speed, and storage technologies. The storage technologies you select, in particular, can have a profound effect on the number of users each server can support. You can use standard SAS drives in your servers or…
Enhancing server performance and scalability with solid-state drives
Performance and scalability are key considerations for organizational data centers that span remote or branch offices. Dell™ PowerEdge™ servers equipped with Samsung solid-state drives help advance application workload efficiency and scale for growth…
Dell PowerEdge R720 Server Solution with Samsung SSDs and Windows Server 2012: Supporting Virtual Desktops in Remote Offices
For businesses with remote offices looking for a solution that allows for a wide base of employees to access virtual desktops hosted on a server, a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) can be a wise choice. Such a solution can simplify management, enhance security, and save on the power costs, among other benefits. If your business is implementing such a solution, it's essential to select a server that can comfortably host the virtual desktops you need today and have plenty of room to support your needs as your company grows. The Dell PowerEdge R720 server with Samsung SM825 200GB solid-state drives (SSDs), in conjunction with the enhanced VDI hosting platform in Microsoft Windows Server 2012, provides a viable solution for your VDI needs. In our labs…
Dell PowerEdge R720n Server Solution with Samsung SSDs and Windows Server 2012
When investing in a server for your business' remote office, you're looking for one that can deliver excellent performance for everyday applications and has plenty of room to grow as your business grows. The Dell PowerEdge R720 server with Samsung SM825 200GB solid-state drives, or SSDs, and Windows Server 2012 meets both criteria. In our tests in the PT labs…
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