If you bought or received as a gift one of the Samsung DLP televisions listed below, and the television has developed a shadow along the edge of the display, you may be entitled to a free repair to eliminate the shadow under a class action settlement concerning this issue.
Model Number Serial Numbers
HL-P Series all models
HL-R Series all models
HL-S Series all models
HL-T Series 4675SX/XAA, 5055S, 5055WX/XAA, 5075SX/XAA, 5675SX/XAA,5076SX/XAA, 5676SX/XAA, 6156S, 6156WX/XAA, 6176SX/XAA,6756WX/XAA,and 7288WX/XAA
For information on whether you qualify for a free repair, or for reimbursement of a repair you paid for, as well as how to make a claim, please see the class action settlement notice below, or call 1- 888-899-7602.