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Samsung Foundry 28nm LPH Process
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Advanced 32, 28, 20nm
process technologies
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It’s "game on" in the race for high-performance mobile devices. With smart phones quickly evolving into "superphones", these cutting-edge devices are leading the GHz race. And these devices will be a hub for consumers, enabling constant access to content and services. The traffic load that these phones will handle will significantly up the ante on the power/performance curve. In fact, I just read that time spent on mobile apps has surpassed web browsing – which really highlights how the central the smart phone has become.

With more functionality packed into a single device, it’s becoming increasingly challenging for system-on-chip (SoC) designs to keep up with exploding bandwidth, advanced integrated functionality and low-power constraints. This dilemma is enough to test any designer’s creativity! Luckily, consumers have become the beneficiaries of the growing mobile chip market enabling faster phones and better mobile devices.

Keep up-to-date with new developments within Samsung Semiconductor’s memory, SSDs, flash, System Logic, Foundry and Display technologies.