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We see tomorrow, today. We're focusing beyond the horizon and pushing exciting developments in many key areas of technology.

Intelligence for Smarter Health

The Samsung Digital Health Initiative leverages an array of hardware and software technologies designed to bring developers, healthcare professionals, academics and health enthusiasts together to create a healthier world. The key component of the Digital Health Initiative is a new health open reference design platform tailored to take advantage of the latest sensors, behavioral algorithms, battery technologies and displays. This is an open data platform and open sensor platform that's attracting the brightest minds and the most creative innovators to work with Samsung to accelerate innovation in personal health technology.

Your body is talking to you

Samsung Simband is not a product. It’s a reference design. It’s our concept of what a smart health device should be. Devices based on the Simband platform will be able to gather vital diagnostic information - from your heart rate to your skin’s electrical conductivity, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Now, for the first time you will be able to ask specific wellness questions and get clear, insightful answers direct from the source: you. Simband is being designed to power you on your way to better health and a richer more fulfilling life.

  • What if your body had a voice - a voice that spoke to you in a language you understood?

  • Simband is a way to listen to your entire body, interpret what it's telling you and act on that intelligence.

  • To build the world's most advanced wrist-based sensor module, we've taken a fresh look at sensing technologies and developed ways to make them more accurate, more robust and more valuable.

We're Opening the Ecosystem

Samsung Architecture Multimodal Interactions (S.A.M.I.) will be a data broker that will enable wearable devices like those based on Simband to upload information to the cloud. From there, developers can access the data and leverage it to create entirely new applications. S.A.M.I. will be the first truly secure, open, diverse data platform of its kind. Its open APIs enable it to collect data from any type of device or online source and deliver it to any other device or application in real time. These APIs are simple, which allows sensor developers to record data in the way they want.

  • The open nature of S.A.M.I. will allow visualization of data in a user’s different contexts: calendar, location, behavior, environment and more. Basic rule engines, machine learning and algorithms in S.A.M.I. help process the data and perform analysis. And once in S.A.M.I., the data is available to partners who want to create approved apps and services.

Together for Health

Samsung Electronics has joined with the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), one of the world’s premier academic medical centers, to create the Digital Health Innovation Lab. This is a vibrant new accelerator space at the UCSF Mission Bay Campus in San Francisco. Here, some of the world’s leading researchers and technologists will be able to develop and run trials to validate exciting new smart health technologies
Samsung’s Simband platform is an open reference design for sensor modules. The first module of its kind has been developed in partnership with imec, a world leading bio-sensing research institute.

Cloud/Data Center Infrastructure

The objective of the Data Center Initiative is to innovate new architectures and apply Samsung's world-class, market-leading component technology to the development and implementation of revolutionary next-generation data centers. Equipped with Samsung's robust library of DRAM, Flash and ARM CPU products, the Data Center team is developing new reference designs and platforms composed of hardware, software and interconnect technology built around open standards. Enabling our customers with integrated, high-value solutions will spark innovation in fields from systems to components. Working across business units, our team of systems experts is pushing the limits of data center technology to create new solutions for the growing data demands of people everywhere.

Human Computer Interfaces

The Human Computer Interface Group is evolving the smartphone into a smarter platform. We're driving innovation in all directions, from novel camera sensors to faster processors to new applications. Our goal is to make the phone a more intelligent assistant and to enable more immersive communication between people. We're working with startups and universities to rapidly bring cutting-edge R&D to the world's most popular mobile platform.

Internet of Things

We believe IoT technology will soon permeate our lives, enabling more connected in-home experiences and powering smart cities, protecting the environment and enabling better health for everyone. Our goal is a ubiquitous and seamless user experience that enhances the quality of life without added complexity. Our IoT initiative is partnering with all sectors of the tech industry to develop an open platform that will minimize fragmentation and enable faster adoption of IoT.